Vendor Spotlight # 9

This is vendor spotlight # 9 for Christmas in the Valley. Each day, I will be giving you details about a different vendor, letting you know what they offer and why you should come to Christmas in the Valley to check them out! Keep in mind that Christmas in the Valley is a unique craft fair, in that EACH vendor will be offering specials deals and discounts!

Today’s vendor, which is ultimately the inspiration behind Christmas in the Valley, is Graceful Gifts by ELK! My mom, sister, and I have been doing some “behind the scenes” crafting for a while now. We have made mini scripture books and magnets to give to people as gifts, and we had the idea that it would be fun to make a bunch of verse magnets to sell at a Christmas craft fair. Well, long story short, that idea morphed into what is now Christmas in the Valley.

Graceful Gifts by ELK (Edmiston, Luce, Kendall - I'll give the credit to Ang for that one!) will now be selling cute Verse magnets, SEC football schedule magnets (for the hubby, or those of us who are equally interested!), Coupon holders, unique picture frames, adorable Christmas ornaments, Appliqu├ęd Christmas towels, and more!

We sure have been busy “crafting” the past 2 months! Between all these things, mom selling Premier, me selling Uppercase Living, and Ang having her new book out for sale (which you should check out, by the way), we figured, why not invite a few vendors and open the house up? Well, a few vendors has since turned into 20, and we’re now hoping this will be THE shopping event of the season! =)

Here are just a few pictures of what we’ll be offering. Keep in mind there will be much more to choose from! We also have fun Christmas-themed verse magnets! The magnets range in price from $3-$5, and will be buy 4, get 1 FREE! The ornaments will be $6, and also buy 4, get 1 FREE! Picture frames will be sold for $10! We wanted to give bargain prices, because we were tired of visiting craft fairs and seeing cute things for high prices, all the while thinking… hey, we could do that for so much cheaper! We hope you can all stop by and see us! We sure are looking forward to it!!

Don’t forget to check by tomorrow for vendor spotlight # 10!


  1. These are very good. May your tribe increase!!!