No, thank you!

The aquarium in Atlanta was amazing! From getting to pet sharks and sting rays, to seeing the begula whales, to seeing the shockingly large whale sharks, which measured in at a hefty 25 feet long- it was pretty incredible!

This guy had a good 10 foot wing span! Can you imagine running into one of those in the ocean?? Well, for a mere $295, you can swim with these lovely creatures for a few hours! Yes, that's in the same tank with the 4 whale sharks!! Umm, no thank you, Georgia aquarium. I think I'll pass on that!


Free at Last!

I love my kids. Honestly, I truly do! I adore them and couldn't and wouldn't want to imagine life without them.

Despite that fact, I realized Eric and I haven't had a "getaway" without them since before Allie was born, and I am SOO excited to say that this weekend we are heading to Atlanta, KID FREE! We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary! And, while, we are only going for 3 short days(because, I mean, really, that's already quite a lot to ask of our parents), I intend on those being some pretty terrific, fun-filled, and RELAXING days! Can't wait!


Easier Said Than Done

Yesterday Allie was looking awfully cute in her Valentine attire that Mimi gave her, so I thought, well I need to get a cute picture of her. Well, let me just tell you... it's tough getting a cute pic of this on-the-go little thing!

At first, she was totally appathetic to the idea...

Then, I tried to make it fun by jumping in myself, hoping this might entice her. However, looking back, even if she had attempted a cute smile, I'm afraid my makeup-less face would've negatively impacted the picture anyway...

Then, she at least gave it a try, but of the course the snap of the camera was a few seconds to late, resulting in this:
Finally, I got one that at least looked sweet!
And, then, hours later, just before bedtime, I FINALLY captured her in all of her cute, smiling goodness! Happy Valentine's!


Thanks, hubby!

These sure were a nice surprise to wake up to this morning!! Can't wait for our Valentines date tonight (thanks to our amazing friends, abby and Joe, who volunteered to tackle watching our kids!!).

I love you, Eric! You're the best hubby and daddy!! We are so blessed to have you! See you tonight! Bonefish, here we come!



There are days when I get so overwhelmed. Not sure what it is about those days that are especially overwhelming... but they do come from time to time. Sometimes, it may be a sick child, or being stuck at home all day, or maybe even something (however small it may be) added into my already-too-packed day.

I know that some of you probably think I am totally a wimp. I mean, there are those of you who have 3, 4, maybe even more kids and probably have things much more under control than me. I really don't deny that I am a wimp in that respect. My sweet kids being so close together isn't something I ever envisioned myself tackling. It's good, though, because it is an ever present reminder that I am constantly needing God to step in. Shouldn't we feel that need all the time? It seems like we get things so under control that we lose the desperate need for Him in our every day routine. Instead, we fail to see the need until disaster falls, or heartbreak comes, or things get overwhelming.

I feel that pretty much at any given point in my day, things very well could step over into the land of "overwhelming". So, yes, it's during those times when it is painfully obvious that I need God for extra patience, for extra energy, for understanding, for kind responses, etc. My prayer is that I remember to rely on him when "overwhelming" comes my way, instead of trying to push through on my own.