A Few More Things....

I hope the past 17 days of vendor spotlights have really gotten you excited about Christmas in the Valley! Yes, after all the preparation, it is finally here! I really hope to see you all tomorrow!

In addition to all the wonderful vendors that I've told you about so far, we will be having some AMAZING purses, SUPER FUN & CUTE diaper/tote bags & BIBS that are designed to keep your child in restaurant high chairs, beautiful heirloom candles, body shapers, & MORE!!!!

If you're like me, a lot of times I go to fairs and see TONS of things I want for myself, but I don't feel that I should just spend TONS of money on myself.... To help out with this, we'll be having a Wish List that you can pick up at the front door and turn in before you leave. You can write down things you see that you'd like for Christmas, give us the name and number/email of someone you want us to contact, and hopefully on Christmas morning, you'll be very happy!!

To my regular readers, thanks so much for putting up with my Christmas in the Valley updates for the past few weeks! Next week, things should be back to normal, and I promise to put up lots of pics of Allie!!!

Just in case you've forgotten, here are the event details!

Christmas in the Valley
Sat. Oct 17th from 10-3
at the home of Janice Edmiston
4822 Valley Birch Drive
Arlington, TN
From Hwy 70, turn on Brunswick and follow the signs!

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