Just "Roll" With It....

Who knew that a child could be so picky with a pacifier. I mean... naturally a gator pacifier is something to get excited about... but really, Pierce? That's really the ONLY pacy that will work for ya?!

I tried all the popular brands when he was little, but he just didn't care for them. Then, alas, I pulled out a gator pacy we received as a gift... and voila! Pierce was hooked! We had two... then I lost one on vacation. Uh oh... it's a very nerve racking thing to only have one pacifier that will work. Well, amazingly we kept up with it very carefully for the first 10 months of dear Pierce's life, until, inevitably our lucky streak ended 3 days ago. It is gone. Not out and about, mind you... but here in this house! We put him to bed with it, and the next day it was gone. We tore his room apart looking for it... but to no avail. With any normal pacifier... this problem could be easily resolved by running to any local store and picking up a new pack (we surely went through countless packs with Allie...). But no, these can only be found at the sports store at the mall. So, after a very sleepless night, I headed to the mall only to find that IT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED! I drove across town to the only other store in the area to find even worse news... there was ONE left... but not a gator one. One with a big fat Alabama "A" on it. GROSS. Well, sometimes, you just have to "roll with it", I suppose. After all, a restful night is worth the trade off for this tacky and horrible pacifier, I guess.

On a better note... I found 2 .... assumably the last two in the world (or at least on the internet, any way) on ebay. For a mere $12.94, they'll hopefully be delivered to our house sometime between July 23-25. We will once again be at peace with the world... and will NOT be supporting the crimson tide.



I'm having a Scentsy party this weekend for a friend of mine from church and am really looking forward to it! I know many of you have heard me talk about Scentsy before in my ruthless marketing of Christmas in the Valley! But, let me just say it again.... I LOVE SCENTSY! I was introduced to it 2 years ago, and since then have not lit a single candle in my house (and I used to be a FAITHFUL candle user). There's no telling how much we had spent on candles over the years... Yankee was my candle of choice, but since they're easily $30 a jar, which lasts almost no time at all, we saved those for special occassions... but even Target and Walmart jar candles add up when you use them regularly. PLUS there's the inevitable safety hazards that come with forgetting to blow them out (like... all night long... yes, been there, done that), etc.

Basically, you have wax scent blocks that you put in these burners, and when the light is turned on, the heat melts the wax, spreading the fragrant goodness all throughout your home! They have three sizes the full size (best for large spaces to really spread the fragrance.. I've got a full size in my living room), the mid size (best for medium rooms), and the wall plug in (best for bathrooms). You get the best deal when you purchase a burner and 3 scents. These scents will last you a LONG time! Each one is normally $5 and easily last over a month and we use it A LOT! So, after you make the initial investment of the burner, these are MUCH cheaper in the long run to maintain than purchasing candles all the time.

The full size and 3 scents = $40

The mid size and 3 scents = $35

Or get 1 full size burner, 1 plug in, and 3 scents for $55!

If you just need scent refills, they are $5 each or 3/$14.

The burner of the month for 10% off normal price.... isn't this adorable!?

One of my favorite full size burners!

Here's the one I have in my living room....

One of my favorite mid size burners...

I've got this one on my wish list for our guest bathroom! Isn't that cute?!Have a birthday present you need to buy? These are sure to please for that person on your list that you never can quite figure out what to get! I've given several of these for gifts!!

With Scentsy, you get the convenience of a plug in with NO FLAME, the decorative touch it adds to a room, the rich, fragrance throughout your house, and all for a FRACTION of the price!

So, I think I've sufficiently bragged on Scentsy enough for now, so the party is at 2 at my house on Saturday. Feel free to stop by and enjoy a cupcake and hang out with us! If you can't come, but I've succesfully convinced you that you simply can't live without one of these beauties, go HERE and place your order online! It will even count towards my party, as long as you go through that link! =) Oh, and if you're ordering online and haven't smelled the scents... my 3 favorite go-to scents are Honey Pear Cider, Home Sweet Home, & Skinny Dippin'.



Allies new smile for pictures... Nice.