Maximum Capacity

Our house has undergone several transformations over the past few years. The first being when we received the news of sweet Allie's expected arrival about two years ago. I instantly began planning out her room. We decided to get rid of the guest bedroom, and keep a "playroom". I envisioned this to be the room where all of the overflow toys would go, as well as where our second tv would go, in those times when a second tv was needed (if a Cardinal's game was on.. and I wanted to watch something else, etc.). Well, to tell you the truth, we never even got the cable connection hooked up in that second room before we became aware of sweet Pierce's upcoming arrival. Hmm... no other option but to ditch the playroom/tv room and plan another nursery!

I have tried my best to creatively get the most out of all the space we have. For example, what better way to use our linen closet than for craft and sewing storage? Who sees those spaces under beds and cribs? No one. Why not pack them full of diapers, etc.? Haven't used things in several years? Put them in a box and send them to the attic! Don't have a playroom for the toy overflow? Clear out the built-ins, and wha-la! A giant toy box!

P.S. I may be ultra picky about things being picked up in all the places you CAN see, but that does not mean that organization in those places that you can't see are a priority to me! =)

Now, what about that tv room? Well, I know some are adamently against tv's in bedrooms. I always thought I was, too. Let me tell you, though, I have thoroughly enjoyed our decision to cut a hole in our wall and slap one up in place of our mirror! (Notice the butcher knife that was used...)
Allie seemed to like it, too! But, really, it has been nice to be able to watch something together while relaxing in bed. We certainly don't watch it every night, or need it to fall asleep, but I'd definitely say it was a good solution to our running out of space problem!

So, that brings me to the final room. Once we cleared everything else out, we were finally able to get started on little Pierce's room. Our families came and painted for us, which was a HUGE blessing, since neither one of us has a love or talent for it. I LOVE the color! I made these frames using some decoupage, scrapbook paper, and ribbon. They will, of course, eventually have pictures in them.

Karlye gave us her old changing table, which we painted and spruced up a bit! I'd say it turned out great!

This was a hand-me-down dresser from my sis, Breanna, which we dressed up a little with some porcelain polka knobs from Hobby Lobby. I made the sign with some fabric, my machine, some trim, canvas, and a little hot glue.

The letters were another decoupage endeavor. The lamp shade believe it or not is actually made from poster board, fabric, trim, hot glue, and fishing line. What a great way to recycle a pretty lamp! Thanks, Katie, for the help! The crib and bedding were both gifts and bought for a GREAT bargain!
And the pillow was made using part of the bedding and adding an applique. It will eventually go in the glider that we'll steal from Allie's room, but for now, I've decided to leave the swing in there for a little while.

I love how everything came together so perfectly! Although we're at maximum capacity at this point, I can't say that we are in need of any more space than we have! I also think that the rooms, post baby transformation, are much better than they were before!


This Vs. That

Lest you think that I'm a total pessimest on this whole pregnancy subject, I decided to try to look for the silver lining, and came up with some things that have definitely improved "this time" versus "last time".

Last time:

I LITERALLY threw up every day from 5-22 weeks, and then it picked up again from 30-40 weeks.

This time:

Although I certainly have my days, and definitely FEEL sick a lot of them, there are DEFINITELY many days where I do not ACTUALLY throw up! =) I mainly give the credit to my sweet hubby who brings my my meds in bed each morning at least 30 min before I wake up! What a difference it makes!

Last time:

I felt like I was the ultimate bargain shopper by spending a grand total of $220 on ALL of Allie's furniture by buying it all used on craigslist.

This time:

I am even happier to say that I have spent absolutely NOTHING on Pierce's furniture! AND, his room looks amazing! (Pictures to come soon, I promise. We just finished this weekend) I should add that this has much more to do with the generosity of friends and family and a little do it yourself-ness on my part than my savvy shopping abilities. Thanks, Karlye and Breanna for the hand-me-down changing table and dresser, and Mom and Dad for the beautiful crib!

Last time:

There were parts of my body that were LITERALLY ripping apart. I'm not kidding, I'm talking skin cracking in half, ripping apart. I felt quite similarly to how I imagine that Bella must have felt in Breaking Dawn.

This time:

Well, there is no breaking or ripping of skin going on. Enough said! =)

Last time:

I had the wonderful pleasure of finding out how maternity pantyhose felt due to our lovely winter dress code at work, that only let up my last 2 weeks on the job. Let me just tell you, they felt about as pleasant as they sound.

This time:

I've been able to trade in my pantyhose (which I do not plan to wear in a very, very long time, by the way) for the wonderful maternity bathing suit! While it may not be the prettiest site for those around me, I am a HUGE fan of forgetting about how you look in it, and fully taking in the benefits of swimming (one of my all time favorite things to do normally) while being pregnant.

Last time:

I had more than my share of those people who felt the need to come up and say such wonderfully encouraging things, such as, "Wow, when are you due. You look like you're about ready to pop." Then, when I would respond with something like, "Oh, not for 2 0r 3 more months," they would reply with something like, "Oh my! Is it twins!?" To this, I think they probably generally just got a nasty stare, rather than an actual response from me.

This time:

I'm very happy to say that I haven't received even one of these comments! In fact, quite to the contrary, some people have actually acted surprised when I tell them how soon my due date is. Let me just say to all of you out there who feel the need to talk to pregnant strangers... this approach makes a lady feel much better about her present situation than the previously described approach. Well, what if the person really does look HUGE, you ask? Always best to stick to the principle, "If you can't think of something nice to say, just don't say anything at all."

So, there you have it, if I can find it here, then surely you can find the silver lining in each and every situation! =)


"C in the V"

So, what have I been spending a large part of my time on this month? You guessed it! Getting all the details of this year's Christmas in the Valley lined up! I figured that if I was crazy enough to attempt this with a 6 week old and a 16 month old, that I'd better have as much done before Pierce's arrival as possible!

So, yes, it is early to be thinking of Christmas shopping, but you just get ready, because this year's C in the V will be even better than last! Trust me, you want to mark your calendars now for November 6, because this is the shopping event of the season that you will NOT want to miss!

We'll be packing about 20 vendors (who I've hand-picked) into mom's house, who will ALL be offering their products/services at a special, one day only discounted rate! I promise not to talk too much more about it until October, when I'll be spotlighting each vendor and letting you know exactly what discounts they'll be giving, as well as offering several awesome giveaways to you, but until then, I'll leave you with a little taste of what you have to look forward to!

Of course, some adorable items from none other than The Personalized Peacock! We've been working hard to create lots of Christmas bibs, onesies, burp cloths, and hand towels to sell, as well as team items, and of course anything personalized that you can think of can be ordered!

Let's just say that I'm more than a little excited about Fly on the Wall Frames! My main trouble will be deciding how many to get!

A few of my favs from this year's stationery vendor, Wacky Kracker!

Some fun and unique designs from Mitts Piggy's Paws and Prints

LOVE her children's jewelry!

So, mark your calendars, save your money, and try your best to wait patiently for November 6 to hurry up and get here! And remember to stayed tuned in October for more info on all of our WONDERFUL vendors!


So, I was thinking...

About updating the blog again today with another topic that didn't have such negativety throughout the post, so you wouldn't think Im a total cynic. However, after a long stressful, "its 5 oclock and I still haven't bathed" kind of a day, I think Id better wait until tomorrow for that post! :)



Okay, I've decided that updating you on everything in one blog post would get long, boring, and have too many pictures. So, I'll just update you on one topic at a time, starting with pregnancy, because, well it just seems relavent. Other topics to come (in no particular order) will be sewing, Christmas in the Valley, baby stuff, Pierce's room, and Allie. Enjoy.

So, pregnancy, to some is a pleasant, miraculous experience. I've heard it said over and over. Let me just tell you, that yes, I know it is a miracle how God grows life inside of you, but I find nothing about the experience itself to be something natural or enjoyable. I feel quite strongly that the actually means of pregnancy and childbirth are due to the fall, and if it hadn't been for sin entering the world, there surely would have been some other way to experience this "miracle" =).

Before you find me too cynical, please realize that I'm partly saying this in jest, and that I feel I should get a pass regardless on my cynicism, because afterall, this is coming from a girl who, out of the past 2 years, has been pregnancy 18 months of them. Yes, you heard it right. Put yourself in my shoes, and see if you feel all warm and gooey about pregnancy.

Yes, it is worth it in the end, I realize that. It was with Allie and I know it will be with little Pierce, but I can't say after consuming approximately 480 Zofrans in the past 2 years that I'll miss any of it. In fact, I can say that I'll be quite happy to enter a nice LONG period of time without thinking about those things!

People are always asking how I'm feeling these days, and my response is usually fine. Fine. What does that really mean? It means, I suppose, that each day passes, and while some days I feel more disgusting than the day before, some days are not quite so bad. It means that as my body continues to expand, and feel sore, and like it is slowly being ripped apart, as I sit here helpless in the matter, that I guess in my condition I'd classify myself as fine.

At the beginning of this pregnancy, I was in no particular hurry to have this baby, because the thought of a 15 1/2 month old and an infant terrified (and to some extent still does terrify) me, but I can officially say that I'm at the point where I am ready for him to make his entrance. Terrified or not, I'd say taking care of two precious little ones has got to beat being pregnant any day!

Oh, and for those of you who say you miss being pregnant, I say you are nuts! =) Just my opinion, though!

Yes, I do realize

That it's been a month since I've updated this poor blog of mine. I am very ashamed of this fact. Where has the time gone? I'm not sure! All I know is that we have been CRAZY busy, and anytime that I think of sitting down to update you or think of something fun or witty to entertain you, my mind is so overwhelmed with tiredness, that I've opted to take a nap instead! =)

I WILL give you an update post today or tomorrow, complete with pictures, but in the meantime, just wanted to say hi, and thanks for sticking around! =)