Thanks, Oprah

I'm not personally a huge Oprah fan, but I sure don't mind getting a good deal because of her! For those of you who go to department stores or nine west and purchase $75 shoes, you can just go ahead and stop reading right here. For those who are like me and rarely (maybe never) buy shoes that are from anywhere besides Target, Rack Room, and Payless... this is your lucky day!!

Payless Shoes is giving Oprah "fans" 50% off their ENTIRE in-store purchase! All you have to do is go here to print out the coupon! Better yet... you can simply text OPRAHSHOW to 242424, and they will text you back with the coupon. Simply show the text to the store clerk, and they'll give you the discount! You just really can't beat this deal! But you better hurry, because it ends tomorrow!

Happy Shoe Shopping!

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