Vendor Spotlight # 8

This is vendor spotlight # 8 for Christmas in the Valley. Each day, I will be giving you details about a different vendor, letting you know what they offer and why you should come to Christmas in the Valley to check them out! Keep in mind that Christmas in the Valley is a unique craft fair, in that EACH vendor will be offering specials deals and discounts!

Today’s vendor is Scentsy: The Hottest New Thing in Candles! If you’re like us, then you like your house to smell good! My favorite discovery a few years back was the oil burner. Oil burners really get your whole house smelling amazing from being burned for a short amount of time! I LOVED the oils from The Body Shop. Unfortunately, The Body Shop has closed, and although I’ve tried the oils from Bath & Body Works, they just aren’t the same. Because of that, I’ve switched back to Yankee candles. I do love Yankees, but they are very expensive, and while they smell a room up pretty well, they just don’t come close to have the fragrant effect that my oils did, and once you blow them out, the good fragrance is totally replaced with an overwhelming smoke smell!

This is why I was so excited when my friend told me about Scentsy! Scentsy offers oil burners that you plug into the wall! This means no “smoky” smell when you blow the candle out, no having to remember to blow it out, etc! Also, they offer 80 fragrances! Wow!

I figured I needed to check this out, but it wasn’t until I saw them at Mistletoe Merchants that I was convinced! These burners are nicer than any I’ve ever seen! They are d├ęcor pieces on their own! There are beautifully elegant ones, contemporary designs, earth tones, seasonal ones, and even fun animal print designs! There is definitely one that would fit in your home! The problem will be deciding on ONLY one! =) In addition to how they looked, I was blown away by their scent! Yes, this is definitely the product for me! I can’t wait to pick out our burner and scents at Christmas in the Valley. Oh, and did I mention that they will be offering 10% off all items sold that day?! Be sure to come check this out.. it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Vendor Spotlight # 9!

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