Vendor Spotlight - # 12

This is vendor spotlight # 12 for Christmas in the Valley. Each day, I will be giving you details about a different vendor, letting you know what they offer and why you should come to Christmas in the Valley to check them out! Keep in mind that Christmas in the Valley is a unique craft fair, in that EACH vendor will be offering specials deals and discounts!

Today’s vendor is Made for Me Monogramming! Made for Me will be selling adorable, personalized bibs, burp cloths, bloomers, key chains, can coozies, and pony o’s!

They will have two monogramming machines present, so they will definitely be able to do lots of monogramming “on the spot”! This means that you can bring anything from home to have personalized!! For those of us who don’t have our own monogramming machine, this is very exciting! I’m always having things that I wanted personalized, but never think to take it somewhere to have it done! If you’re with me on this, this is your chance!! What great gifts ideas, too!

Prices are as follows:
Burp Cloths: $9-$11 (normally $10-$12)
Bloomers: $9 (normally $10)
Can Coozies: $4 (normally $5)
Key Chains: $3 (normally $4)
Pony O’s: $3 (normally $4)
Custom Orders: First Name or 3 Letter Monogram $5 (normally $6), plus $2 for additional name or design

I hope everyone will come take advantage of these great deals! Don’t forget to bring your items from home that you want personalized!!

Here are a few of their designs:

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