Update from Allie

Well, I sure you are all happy to hear that the blog, which was temporarily overtaken by craft fairs, has now been given back to its rightful owner, Allie girl. She is, after all, the reason that most of you visit us and put up with my senseless rambling from time to time!

She has been doing SO good! She's growing like crazy and just as happy and content as a baby could possibly be! She will be 5 months old tomorrow! Can you even believe it?? She loves talking and playing with her toys, laying on the floor watching tv, and loves being played with!! She still hates being on her tummy, so I wouldn't count on her crawling any time soon! She's recently started eating some fruits, and other than the strange faces she makes, she seems to like it! Not sure if she gets more in her mouth or on her face though!

Here she is awaiting her first taste of real food...

And here she is not knowing what to do with it!
For those of you dying to know what all we ended up getting from "C in the V", I've included some pics below!

Awesome spa products!!!

Allie's honorary grandma, Ms. Debbie bought this adorable tutu for her!! You may just be seeing it again in our upcoming Christmas cards! The bib is called a highchair huggie... which is basically a cute way of keeping them in their highchair... kind of like a straight jacket!! We'll see how it works!!
CUTE gift tags!!
I got her fav blanket monogrammed to "girlie" it up a little!

Cute Christmas decor...

Don't worry.. I also have a Christmas rug and an every day rug too, so my kitchen floors will never again be bare!

In addition to these things, I got 4 casseroles, a delicious dessert, some homemade jelly, a gorgeous scentsy burner, some jewelry, a diaper bag tag, a handprint ornament, and probably more that I just can't remember!! We've decided that after the AMAZING turnout this may just have to be an annual event, so we hope to see you all at next year's Christmas in the Valley!! A huge thanks to everyone who came, and especially to my awesome friends and fam who helped make it possible!!!

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