Vendor Spotlight - # 16

This is vendor spotlight # 16 for Christmas in the Valley. Each day, I will be giving you details about a different vendor, letting you know what they offer and why you should come to Christmas in the Valley to check them out! Keep in mind that Christmas in the Valley is a unique craft fair, in that EACH vendor will be offering specials deals and discounts!

Today’s vendor is Taste of Gourmet. Taste of Gourmet offers mixes for dips, soups, desserts, and MORE! While I have not personally tried any of their products, I have been told from a good friend that they are delicious! I am excited, because they will be having lots of items out to sample!

TOG does in-home parties called tastings. TOG is a great, healthy way to share delicious food with friends and family. All a hostess has to do is invite friends and provide cream cheese, Wheat Thins, drinks and napkins. They do all the prep work of preparing the food, etc. At each Tasting at least 12 items are sampled including appetizers, sauces, main courses of soup or meatloaf, bread and desserts. At the Open House they will offer a special little gift to anybody who signs up to do a Tasting as their way to say thank you. Hostesses also get GREAT specials and get at least a 65% savings on an exclusive set of food that they can order when parties total at least $250 (which is not hard to do at all). There is also a free holiday host gift from TOG of Sweet Potato Muffins and 2 kinds of pies. During the year after hosting a Tasting, hosts get a 10% discount on all their orders.

They will have the following specials available at Christmas in the Valley:

Once a customer orders $39.95 worth of products (pre-tax) they can get the following half price specials:

1. Taste of the South for $19.98 (originally $39.95) This includes Jezebel Sauce, Sweet Potato Muffins, Creole File Gumbo, Southern Praline Pie and Peach Pecan Pepper Preserves.

2. Soup Collection for $27.50 (orig $54.95) This includes Black Bean Chili, Colonial Corn Chowder, Potato Soup, Ceamy Delta Bisque, Southwest Soup and Creole File Gumbo.

3. Super Sauces for $16.50 (orig $32.95) This includes Peach Pecan Pepper Preserves, Chimmi Sauce, Great Grilling Marinade and Jezebel Sauce.

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