Nice try..

I bought several toys for the car ride to entertain allie....not because she doesn't enjoy car rides.... she thoroughly does. She enjoys seeing just how far she can push her vocal cords and practices all of her favorite tunes at the top of her lungs. And, when she tires of the words, she will simply add in her own.

I thought a whole pad of Cinderella color wonder paper and markers would provide the kind of distraction from singing that we would inevitably need on our 9 hr car ride.


Allie is coloring away and happily narrating in song form .... ie color, allie, yellow, allie; Rella, color. You get the idea.

It was worth a shot, I suppose!


Get ready to be Jealous!

Because this is where we will be spending the next week!! Oh, yeah, and did I mention it's 100% FREE?! Yep, that's right!! My amazing hubs won this amazing vacation for us through a contest at work! So, Fort Walton, here we come, kids and all!! =)

Candace, I hope these pictures are a little less nauseating for you than my previous post!


Need a Laugh?

I discovered a new website today: AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS. Words simply don't do it justice, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

(Don't fail to notice the age gap here...)

(in case you can't tell... this is a duster)


Looks can be deceptive...

Tell me that these two cans don't look similar. I'm here to tell you the contents are quite different.

This morning I grabbed what I thought was the scrubbing bubbles, and was feeling quite the sense of accomplishment as I happily gave the bathrooms a long overdue cleaning. I mean, sure I noticed that it smelled a little unusual, but I figured we must have grabbed a new scent at the store.

So, there I was drenching the entire bathroom in this stuff, when hubby, who can smell the fumes from the other end of the house rushes in to see if I've gone insane.

Apparently I have.

This I can say with certainty.... our entire house may wreak... but we should be bug free for quite a while!


Have You Ever....

  • Burned more than 2000 calories in one day?


  • Sweated so much, that your ponytailed-hair was soaking wet literally from root to tip?


  • Worked out for 8 hours straight (well, there were a few breaks in there)?

Until today, neither had I. I am now officially a certified Turbo Kick instructor, and I've even got the t-shirt to prove it... oh yea and a certificate, which should be coming in the mail in a few weeks.