Pool fun!

Im not sure how many of you are aware of my insanely unhealthy fear of snakes... but to give you a little insight... I'll say this...3 years ago we had a snake in our back yard. Since then, I could count on two hands the number of times I ventured back into the "wild terrain" off is the deck. Pathetic, yes. I blame it on a visit to my dads one summer when baby water moccasins invaded the house. I think 18 were found in all. Yep, that was enough to scar me for life.

Well, I'm happy to say that a few weeks ago I decided that this fear was certainly not of the Lord, and I overcame it! After all, I didn't want my fear crippling the kids from having all sorts of outdoor adventures! I'm so glad I did!


You know its time to go to the store....

When you clean out the refrigerator and this is the end result.....

Looks like we'll be going out for dinner tonight....  :)