The Finishing Touches..

Well, last night I finished up Allie's room. It has really been done for about 2 months now, all except for her growth chart. I made this myself with the help of a picture frame, some fabric, and some uppercase living! I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Here are some more pictures of her room:



So, just wondering what an appropriate response would be when someone says:

"Wow, that baby sure has grown a lot!"


"Wow, you've gotten A LOT bigger since last time I saw you!"

Should I reply:

"Wow, thanks"


"Wow, you're really observant"


"Wow, thank you for pointing that out, because I really hadn't noticed how HUGE I am. I'm glad I know now."

A Little Idol Chat

Well, we are getting down to the end of the season on Idol, and I must say that so far things have been a bit predictable. This, however, is not really a bad thing in my mind; it just means that the best contestants are still in the competition, and America is getting it right. Let me reiterate - AMERICA is getting it right (the judges messed up when they saved Justin Timberlake aka Matt G.), but other than that, the right people are still in the show.

Here are my predictions for the rest of the season:

Matt G. or Allison will leave tonight. I would personally prefer it if Matt left, but really either way, it does not make much of a difference. They will be the next two to leave. Period.

This leaves the 3 - way competition left up to Adam, Danny, & Kris. While my sister feels that Danny and Kris would make the perfect final 2, I have to disagree. I am pulling strongly for it to be an Adam/Kris finale! The reason why? Simply this: Adam is an amazing singer! To me, probably one of the best that's ever been on the show! Let me clarify that this in no way means that I would ever in a million years buy one of his albums or listen to him - but there are people out there who would. In fact, I feel A LOT of people out there would listen to him. This may be foreign for those of us who mainly listen to K-Love, with the occasional switch to The River! But I really think there are people who listen to this type of music.

Enough about Adam... my true devotion lies with Kris Allen! He is a great singer, has a great personality, is a Christian, and yes, does always appear to be singing to his wife, which is really sweet! Also, I WOULD listen to him and probably buy his album. Each week he picks songs that I love. Last night's The Way You Look Tonight was even better than Buble, in my opinion (and I do not say that lightly, because I LOVE Michael Buble)!

I cannot say who I think will win between the two, but I am definitely cheering for Kris.

I have nothing against Danny G., but this is how I see things playing out... we'll see!


The Countdown Begins...

Well, in my mind at least, the countdown has officially begun for Allie's arrival! I feel like we have gotten to the point where she could come any day! I am 36 weeks now, and although this has seemed like the longest 36 weeks of my life, I know it will be all worth it when we get to hold our little girl! Her room is ready, we're all done with showers, and I feel like I'm about ready to pop! All in all, we really don't have much else to do other than wait...

That's the hard part. Why is it that waiting is always so hard to do with everything in life? Maybe you don't all struggle with this, but for me, patience is such a hard concept to grasp! I hate waiting in lines, waiting at restaurants, really just waiting for anything at all. I think that often I miss out on what God has for me, because I have gotten so sick of waiting. I am praying that God will give me incredible patience to really ENJOY these last 4 weeks of pregnancy (if that's possible!) In the meantime, I'll do my best to keep you updated on what's going on in our lives.