Allie was dedicated this past Sunday at our church. Apart from the stressful morning of getting her all dressed up, forgetting the both the camera and video camera, and trying (without luck) to get to church early, it was a very special time.

We love our dear pastor, Danny Sinquefield, and he did such a great job leading the families in commiting to raising our children in godly homes and praying for our precious babies. As much as I love Bro. Danny, I couldn't help but tear up as I looked at him, wishing that my dear Papa was here to lead her dedication, and even more than that, wishing that he was here to know her, play with her, and love on her like he did with all of us! Oh how I miss him! Things without him just aren't the same, but I am constantly reminded of how blessed I was to have such an incredible man as my grandfather! He was truly one of a kind. I will always cherish the memories I had with him.

Allie's dedication was very special, and although we didn't get it on video, we were able to get some good pictures (thanks, Steph, for letting me borrow your camera!)


She wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie...

blue and green and pink bikini!

Yes, she screamed when we dipped her feet in the pool for the first time, but she sure did look cute!


Why pay more?

It was nearly two years ago when my life was first changed by a little wonder called craigslist. I first heard of this wonderful place while working at Trustmark. We were told that you could go here and place job ads for free.

After that discovery, I started to lurk around the site a bit and see just what else craigslist had to offer me. Let's just say I have not been disappointed!

For those of you who are yet acquainted with this dear friend of mine, I'll give you a brief introduction. Craigslist is a local site where you can list ads for FREE. I still have yet to figure out how such a site exists, as there is no apparent way for the site to make any money.

Gone are the days of actually having to pay the newspaper to place an ad for an item you are wanting to advertise (furniture, electronics, cars, garage sales, etc.). In fact, I dare say that the free craigslist site is much more effective than the newspaper that charges! My first experience with selling on craigslist was a black china cabinet. It was beautiful, I just did not have room for it. Let's face it, there is a limited crowd of people searching for a black china cabinet. I placed ads in the trusty old Commercial Appeal, on EBAY, and even had a Garage Sale, with the sole purpose of trying to get rid of the thing! No luck. Whatsoever. I had all but given up, when out of nowhere, craigslist showed up in my life. I listed it. It sold. The very same day. Wow!

My selling didn't end there. I have since gotten rid of a love sac beanbag, a loveseat, and a beloved dodge avenger (which truly had seen better days!). The car sold within two days of being listed, I might add. I can't imagine getting better results anywhere else!

All of this selling made me curious about what there was out there for me to buy. Basically it is like a giant garage sale online. You can search for what you are looking for, and although it may not be there today, if you are persistent, you will almost always find whatever it was you were wanting. I bought every piece of furniture that is in Allie's room for a whopping grand total of $220! That's right. How can you not find the joy in that?! Buying for me is really only fun if you know that you got an incredible deal. If I had bought new, I imagine I would've spent well over $1,000, so I'd deem that an incredible deal! The dresser and crib had never even been used! I also talked all three people into delivering the furniture to me at no extra cost! It just doesn't get any better than that!

My advice to you would be that if you are on the lookout for something, anything really, check out craigslist first. You never know how much you might save! I have taken this theory to heart, which is I guess why some have affectionately dubbed me the craigslist queen. Also, if you do decide to buy, please NEVER pay the asking price. There is ALWAYS room for negotiation!

I'll leave you with this picture, because it is just too cute not to share. No, I didn't buy the bumbo seat on craigslist, but I did get it used for only $15 with the playtray included. (For those who aren't familiar with the bumbo chairs, this together would retail for $50!)


from short & stubby to long & lean

No, the title of this post is not referring to my body's transformation after the first week of Slim in 6...

Here is Allie at 1 week in her bean bag:

And here she is at 8 weeks:


Photo Shoot

Allie was really working it for the camera this morning during our very non-professional photo shoot at home. I can't decide which one is my favorite... what do you think?


Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

My sister's blog makeover inspired me to do a little copy-catting. I think I'm please with the results. I am most excited about finally learning how to do a signature. Enjoy!


As Seen On TV

I must say that I am a sucker for infomercials! The items advertised always seem like they are the EXACT thing that you need to make your life easier or better! With midnight feedings lately, I have seen a few more infomercials than normal, and have once again been convinced that I have found the product that I MUST have.

The 6 week workout program that promises to give you a complete body transformation and leave you slim after just 6 weeks of workouts.

Now, for someone having just had a baby, it did not take too much to convince me that a complete body transformation in just 6 weeks is just what I need. Since I did have a C-Section, I was told that I could not do any form of exercise for at least 6 weeks. I am now cleared to start back, and according to UPS, my complete Slim in 6 program should be arriving at my front door today. I am very excited!

I will report back to you at the end of 6 weeks to let you know if this program is all that it claims to be.


bath time

For the first few weeks, bath time (or in this case sponge-bath time) looked like this:

Now, it looks like this:

I sure am glad that Allie changed her mind about her distaste for bath time!



Here's the first one I've caught on camera!