Happy Birthday, Princess!

Allie, I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that you are TWO! It is true that you are our little princess! You light up our lives with your silliness, your laughter, and your girlie girl ways! With your love of princesses, jewelry, singing, and makeup, it was only fitting that you have a Princess birthday party to celebrate your special day! I love you my precious little girl, and I look forward to seeing you grow and become the special girl that God made you to be!

And, of course, every princess needs a handsome prince by her side!


How do I define success?

Success is defined quite simply for me:

Fitting into a pair of jeans that were too tight BEFORE I got pregnant with allie.  :)


Don't be fooled...

It may appear like I have too much time on my hands, but I assure you I don't! Allies birthday party is simply taking priority over cleanliness today (both in my personal hygiene and my house!)


We're Home!

But, we're a little sad to not be waking up to this each day:

Going on any sort of vacation with two kids under two seemed a little daunting to me, but despite the normal things that you would expect would come along with that, I'd say this vacation was a total success! We had an AMAZING time, and I'm already missing that beautiful water, sand, and sun! Allie had a blast! And, while it probably won't go down in my book as the most relaxing vacation I've ever been on... it is definitely one of the best! I am also very thankful we had family there as "reinforcements" to help us out! =)


Love this girl!