Good Laughs and Maybe a Tear or Two

For Father's Day, we went to see the much anticipated return of the Toy Story saga. I believe Eric has been talking about how excited he was about this movie coming out for about the last 2 years, so it seemed a fitting dad's day activity!

Very few films can live up to the anticipation and hype that this one has drummed up in our family, but I feel that this one did just that. Not only did it have a riveting story line that can be appreciated by all ages, hilarious scenes that were enough to make you laugh out loud, it also had a very unexpectedly touching and somewhat emotional ending.

So much so in fact, that as I sat there in the theater biting my lip, trying desperately to control the tears pouring down my face, I began to seriously wonder if there was something wrong with me. While I really would not deem myself overly emotional in normal times or in pregnancy, I always tend to wonder if the crazy bodily phenomenon of pregnancy is to blame for such unexpected emotional outbursts. I was very relieved to find after the movie that the other women in my family also shed tears of their own at the end of the flick. So to answer my question, no, I don't guess there was anything wrong with me, at least not anything that doesn't also affect the other females of the fam. =)

Have you seen it yet? What did you think?


Pool time!

Allie is loving her new pool that mimi and gran got her for her birthday!


Blogging smartphone style

Well saturday i did it. I took the plunge into a whole new world of cell phones, and let me just say that once you make this switch, there is no going back. I am absolutely loving it.

So what is it i love most about my new phone you might ask? Perhaps it is the email, facebook, and blogging at my fingertips. Or maybe it is the voice typing i'm doing now. Or could it be the thousands of free apps? or maybe the camera and video camera that i can use to share photos and videos with all of you? yes i love all of the things about my new phone, but i believe the thing i love most is that i got all of this and more for a few dollars less than i was paying for talk and text only.

How did I manage that? I decided not to iphone it, but instead took cellular south up on their offer to pay my early term fee to att.  I am completely loving my htc hero! So for those of you who are like I was and feel you are paying too much for too little, you too should check them out! You will love it!


After much deliberation...

I've decided on a double stroller! Now, to those of you who have and never will have to go down this road of thought of the dreaded double stroller (I used to place myself in this category), I'm sure you probably don't realize what a tough decision this was! Tandem (front/back) or Side by Side. What a dilemma! Just when I would think I was convinced of one, I'd change my mind and go to another!

But, I'm happy to say I've decided on this beauty!

Not only does it have a 3 second, super easy fold up, but it is also one of the only side by sides on the market that accomodates an infant car seat! Somehow, having a double that doesn't feel like a bus makes the idea of going out with 2 kiddos sound a lot easier!


To iPhone or not to iPhone

That is the question....

Eric is trying to talk me into getting the new iPhone. I've been holding out strongly against the extra $30/month, but am afraid my resistance may be caving. I think I may have found a way to cut $20 off our bill each month, so when you're only looking at $10 extra... I'm thinking the benefits may outweigh the cost. Still trying to decide, but I have to admit, I'm secretly getting quite excited about these new possibilities! Ah, it may already be a lost cause....


Sun, Sand, and Oil-free Waters

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I guess this post is worth a bunch! Sorry for the week long absence, but let me say, we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves! Between the beach, the pool, the fellowship, the games, the movies, the putt putt, the restaurants every night, and enjoying each minute of Allie's first vacation, we had a blast! Here are a few pics from our week!

This pool turned out to be a huge hit with allie on the beach! It was shaded, cool, and she had all her favorite toys. What else could a girl ask for?
And in case any of you were wondering what our hooded towels looked like in use! =)

She was loving the sand and loving the taste of the seashells!

We had wristbands for our condo that turned out to be allie's favorite toy of the trip. You will notice that it shows up in nearly every picture. It also entertained her most of the 7 hour car drive home today!
And of course, what is vacation without a little pool time? The condo had an AMAZINGLY large and luxurious beach side pool that we loved.

View from our balcony! Don't you wish you could wake up to this every day?

Too cute...

Love this one!

And, since our condo was across the street from the beach, we got an AMAZING deal! It did however have an airconditioned walk
that went over the street to the beachside pool!
Mini-van full on the way home! This is also the only group picture we got!
I was sad to leave, but I am happy to be home! All in all, it was a great trip!