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Well, when I went over to random.org on Friday to let them pick this week's topic, I instantly knew what I would review. My favorite restaurant ever... most of you can probably guess it. I'll give you a few hints. We go there to celebrate special occasions; it's the one food that always makes me feel better when I'm sick; you can't beat the personal service (I mean, where else does the cook offer to hold your baby for you so you can eat, if she's crying??); and last, but not least, where else could you order something like twisted tomato soup or creamy celery or mushroom soup, and ALWAYS know without a doubt that it will be DELICIOUS!? No where else my friend, but the beloved Wisteria Tea Room off of Brunswick Rd. If you haven't tried it - YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

THAT was my initial thought. However, last night we went to see AVATAR, so I've decided to write my full review on that. I know, I know, we are probably some of the last to see it... but for some reason, I just was not too pumped about it. But, after all the hype, how could it not be incredible, right?! Wrong. Now, I will readily admit that the action, special effects, and 3-D graphics were AMAZING! That being said, those were by far the BEST parts about the movie. You can't really build a movie solely on effects and graphics without a good storyline. I mean, I'll give em this - it was creative. I don't know how people think up stories like that. But, as creative and unique as it was, I'd have to say, it was just a little too out there for me. I should clarify that it wasn't the alien race or the crazy creatures or made up planet or military presence or even the whole human minds controlling alien bodies in their sleep thing that really made it too out there for me. I can handle a lot of science fiction. It really was all the tree-hugging garbage that took up basically the entire second half of the movie. Well, that mixed with the fact that by the end you were cheering for the alien race to kill all of the humans, since the humans were the "bad guys". And, all of that mixed with the fact that there was just a lot of language. I found that it just made it unenjoyable. Now, I know that we are used to watching movies on our Clearplay dvd player, which will cut out language and/or scenes, as we program it, so I am used to not hearing the language. But I'd much rather it be that way!

All in all, the first part of the movie was enjoyable and entertaining as you were trying to figure everything out and enjoying the never-seen-before amazing graphics in 3D, but by the second half of the movie, I just really couldn't wait for it to be over.
Am I the only one who felt this way about this movie that has broken box office records? What did you think about it, if you've seen it?

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  1. Rachel, I agree with you that the movie was good as in cool effects and good storyline (for the first half). But there were way too many political messages in the movie for me. Did you notice that the last time they showed the military it was a group of mean looking slobs?! I don't care for any movie that makes our military look like the "bad guy." And that is exactly what they were trying to portray.