MPM: You Get on My Nerves!

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Now, back to this week's topic. What is it that just really gets on my nerves.....

You're sitting in a movie theater watching the previews, and a great action movie preview comes on. You're really into it and can't wait to see it, then the screen flashes up that it's rated "whatever" due to heavy language, sexual content, etc. Well, oh well for that one, right? Well, these days, it really seems like almost every movie that comes out is just filled with trash! That REALLY gets on my nerves. We've started looking up every movie that we're planning to see on focus on the family's site, and often opt not to see it afterall, after being disappointed about what's in it.

Well, a few years ago, we found a great solution to this problem.

If you haven't heard of Clearplay, I'm not surprised. Most anyone I've talked to hasn't. This is mind-boggling to me, because I feel like, as Christians, we should be buying these off the shelves and making this company millions! Now, maybe some of you have heard of the old "cuss-busters". Maybe your parents or grandparents had one. Those muted the movie for about 5 to 10 seconds whenever there was a cuss word and then it placed a sentence at the bottom of the screen like, "I'm gonna kill you, you silly little clown". To me, that was so highly ineffective, because for one, whatever it replaced the word with was just ridiculous and two, it drew SO much more attention to it. Then, there was still the issue of sex scenes in a movie. It couldn't do anything about that.

Well, the difference with Clearplay, is that you download thousands of movie filters for individual movies. It custom edits each movie, based on the settings that you program. Want it to cut out vulgarity, sex, and nudity, but not violence? You can program it accordingly. It will cut out entire scenes, similarly to how they are edited out on tv. During a cuss word it mutes it for JUST long enough for that one word. You do not miss entire entire sentences. Now, if you're getting a movie that just has raunchy stuff ALL through it, then yes, you may miss a little of the story content, because SO much has to be filtered out, but for the most part, we've found that we've never missed anything necessary to the movie. And, I'd much rather miss a few things than listen and watch the filfth that we're missing!

I'm certainly not saying that we've never gone to see a movie, that afterwards we realized we shouldn't have. We have been guilty of that. But, I do strongly believe that the Bible teaches what goes in comes out, and we need to guard as much as what goes in as we can. I think as a whole the Christian world has become far too tolerant of the entertainment industry. We're bombarded with language, images, and crudities every day, some that we can't help, but we can sure have a say on what we're paying for to come in our home to entertain us. I highly recommend the Clearplay dvd player to EVERY Christian family.

Our DVD player was $50 at Target, and we pay a monthly fee of $7.99 to have access to all the latest new release filters. If we ever stopped paying, we'd still have the thousands of filters up to this point, we just wouldn't be able to get the new releases as they came out. I also saw that the clearplay site is now selling an HD dvd player for $120. If you're interested in reading more about the clearplay system, go here.

What about you? What really gets on your nerves?

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