Happy 9 Month Old

Allie is 9 months old! Can you even believe it? She had her check up yesterday, and she's weighing in at a hearty 16 lbs 5 oz! That lands her in the 10-25th percentile. Her head, however is in the 60th percentile! Poor thing.... big heads just run in the family; it was inevitable.

She's basically happy and content almost all of the time. Things are pretty easy and fun these days, so I'm soaking it up, because in about, oh 7 months or so, I imagine things will be anything but easy! She has two cute little front teeth on the bottom, that you can see in the picture if you look closely. This was her first time to sport a bow. Still a little ridiculous looking, but I couldn't help myself! It was too cute.

While Allie is still quite immobile, she is VERY talkative and has lots of fun tricks up her sleeve. She can clap, lift her hands when you sing "Hosanna" (mom taught her that one), play peekaboo, high five, wave, repeat sounds back to you, and several other things that she alternates. She just loves sitting and standing, but has always hated her stomach, so the doctor said not to be surprised if she skips crawling altogether and just goes for walking. Hey, fine with me!

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