MPM: In my Dreams!

Well, it didn't take me long to think of an answer for this one! Without a doubt, our dream vacation would be to go to Hawaii! Now, to me, it seems like if you are going to do Hawaii, you might as well do it right! So, why not go on a Hawaiian cruise, where you can really get the full experience?

Here is our itinerary:

Fly into Honolulu and stay one night at the Marriott, so we are sure to be there on time to board the next day. Then, this is what our 7 night, Hawaiian cruise would look like:

Day 1: Board in Honolulu
Day 2: Hilo, Big Island
Day 3: Kahului, Maui
Day 4: Kahului, Maui
Day 5: Kaulua-kona, Big Island
Day 6: Nawiliwili, Kauai
Day 7: Nawiliwili, Kauai
Day 8: Honululu

So, what would this cost, you may ask? Well, as of this morning, according to travelocity.com, you could have this extravagant dream vacation for a mere $5,402.06! Throw in an extra $500 for spending money, and there you have it! My DREAM vacation for just shy of $6,000!

Hmm... I think I'll probably have to just keep on dreaming! At any rate, if any of my beloved readers happen to have an extra 6 grand lying around that they just can't find anything to do with, I'd be happy to put it to good use! After all, next year is our 5 year anniversary!! So, I guess that'd mean, you'd have to have an extra 6 grand to donate to the cause PLUS be willing to keep BOTH of our children for 9 days! Any takers? Ahh... I can always dream.....

But since travelocity is over there asking for my deposit to book the trip, I think I'd better go back to that window and tell them nevermind. =(

What about you? If you had the cash to waste, what would be your extravagant DREAM vacation?!


  1. Hey Rachel,

    Well, I totally agree that Hawaii is a fabulous place to go. The only reason Bryant and I have been able to go these past 2 summers is because we have gotten our airfare for free. And we went to Honolulu both times. I would love to go to Maui with Bryant and I have never been to the Big Island.

    I'm sure an Hawaiian cruise would be fabulous, but if you and Eric would really like to go next year for your 5th anniversary, you could go for WAY less than $6000. I'm thinking a great deal on airfare would be $1500 total. That is your largest expense. Then, depending on how much you spend on a hotel- I think you could stay at nice places for 7 nights for no more than $1500. There are a lot of options for places to stay.

    You can fly for pretty cheap from island to island. The nice thing about the cruise is that you would see ALL the islands. But if you plan your own trip, you would only want to do 2 islands, 3 at the most for an 8 day trip.

    So, I say you could have your Hawaiian vacation for around $3,000 - $3,500ish (depending how much you spend on food).

    Still ALOT on a vacation, but oh, so worth it!

  2. Rach! I still HAVE to go to the Pocanos one day! NO joke! =)