hello to one dear friend, and goodbye to another

Welcome back, my dear friend! Although I was hoping to never have to see you again (or at least not for quite a long time), here we are again. Our relationship is a love/hate relationship, I guess you could say. For though, the reason for needing you is not so desirable, my life at the current time without you would not be so fun.
Yes, the sickness is back. But, at least with it Zofran is back, as well! And, this time around, it actually seems to be working! Yay! Hopefully that will last...

And now we must bid adieu to another friend. Dear bumbo, you've been so faithful and useful to us these past 5 months or so, but I'm afraid to say that after Allie took a nose dive out of you on the kitchen floor the other day that I think it just may be time to pack you away. Don't worry though, you won't have much time to collect dust before we pull you out for baby #2 to enjoy!
Allie's been sitting up on her own for a few months, but I still put her in this on hard floors, when I was occupied. However, she took quite the fall the other day, so I think she's better off on her own. She was quite a trooper, though! Even with a big ole knot on her head, she only cried for a few seconds. Ah, the first of many battle wounds, I'm sure.

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