MPM: Shop Away

Hmm... I go "shopping" quite a bit.... sometimes even several times a week.... but it is rare that I actually go "buying". I enjoy walking around, looking, and getting out of the house, but am not usually a big spender when I go.

Last week, however, I did have a very eventful shopping experience. This was the day that it snowed. Now, that may not sound like the ultimate shopping day to you, but to me, it was! Before you scold me for carrying my baby out in the ice and the snow, let me assure you, there was none of that. No, it was a day where we were stuck inside, with no tv (the satelite was down), so what better way to spend our day than do a little online shopping?

I got an email from oldnavy.com saying their summer maternity clothes were all 40% off! Combine that with free shipping for any $50 (or more) order and a $10 off $50 purchase coupon, and I was ready to go! Now, trust me, I'd love nothing more than to never have to purchase another piece of maternity clothing in my life... however, seeing as how I will be preg ALL SUMMER LONG, and don't own more than 2 short-sleeved shirts (by May last time, I wasn't interested in buying more clothes, so I just made do with my winter wardrobe and tshirts those last few weeks), I figured I'd have to break down and buy a few essentials. Here are some of the steals I got:

A few dressy tanks (I think these were maybe $12)

and some casual ones - I got a few different colors ($7)

some comfy lounge shorts for around the house and the beach ($12)

and this definitely looked like a summer wardrobe staple to me! I think this one was my most expensive item at $15, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

And, while I was at it, I figured I'd check out a few other places....

I got these two dresses at kohls.com ~ they were buy one get one free!

I also got a few other short sleeve casual shirts. Throw in a pair of jean capris, and I'd say I should be ready to go!


  1. Cute stuff! Let's see....my most recent, eventful shopping trip happened in January when I got a dress from White House/Black Market that was originally 130 bucks for $30 and a pair of dressy jeans from The Loft for less than $15 that were originally $65. Good deals are so exciting!