MPM: Let's Talk About Love

Eric and I first officially met in 12th grade. We knew each other from a distance from youth group for longer than that, but I had no real recollection of talking to him before then. He claims he talked to me in middle school, and I was very rude to him, and while I can't say it's not true, I simply don't remember anything about it.

Back to 12th grade... there was a school dance coming up, and my best friend wanted to go. I didn't really care too much about going to dances, so I told her I didn't care to do that. She was persistent, though. She thought it'd be fun to go with Eric and his best friend, and we could just all have fun as a group. She had recently become friends with Eric and Joseph. I kept saying no, until two very important things happened in one day. One, a guy had been talking to me more than normal at school, and one of my friends said, I bet he's about to ask you to the dance. Two, I was at the mall after school, and I found a dress that was amazingly beautiful! Now, I knew two things, I didn't necessarily care about going to the dance with Eric and Joseph, but I really didn't want to go to the dance with this other guy. Nothing against the guy, I just hardly knew him, and didn't want to go with someone I didn't know by myself! I knew if he asked, and I didn't have a good excuse, it'd be very hard to just say "no" for no reason! Also, I knew I sure would LOVE to have somewhere to wear that beautiful dress to! Neither of these may sound like good reasons to ask someone to a dance, to you, but ask we did. (they didn't go to our school, which is why we asked them)

to be continued

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