Sewing Endeavors & In Need of a Name

Now, that we've got monogramming down, I figured I'd try a little sewing for Allie. Here are my first two sewing endeavors!

The classic, and VERY easy pillowcase dress! This may have taken 1 1/2 - 2 hrs total, but most of that time was spent figuring out what needed to be done, since we weren't really working from a pattern. While next time, I'll probably make it a tad longer and bit fuller, I'm VERY pleased with the results:

And, here was a fun idea I found online! A hooded beach towel for the summer! I couldn't get my model to hold still long enough to take her pic wearing it, but trust me, it's cute! If you want one of these for your little one, let me know!

Also, Ashley and I are in desperate need of a name for our monogramming business. If there are any creative minds out there that can help, we'd love any suggestions! In fact, if you suggest a name that we end up picking, we'll give you a bib and burp of your choice for free! So, be creative and suggest as many as you can think of!


  1. Very cute dress! I still like Words & Whimsy a lot! But I'll keep thinking...

  2. Name ideas:

    Sew Sweet
    Sew Sassy

    As you can tell, I like using the word Sew as So... haha