MPM: Show Me the Bargains!

Well, you know that I LOVE me some bargains. I mean, who doesn't?! Here are a few of my recent loves:

1. GROUPON! I know you may be a little sick of me posting here and on facebook, but let me share a little secret with you... whenever one of you clicks on that link, signs up, and becomes a first time groupon buyer, I get CREDIT! So far, I've received $60 in Groupon credit, since that first post about Smoothie King. All I have to say is, thank you, readers, and thank you, groupon! We all win! What do I do with this credit? Well, right now I have $30 stored up, waiting for a great Groupon deal (remember, they email you a different one each day monday-friday), and the other $30, I used to buy $60 worth of Abuelo's gift certificates FOR FREE! We used one of the $30 certificates the other day with another couple. We each ate, hate an appetizer and 3 out of the 4 ordered sweet tea, and our bill was only $1.44!! =) You simply can't beat that! So, if you haven't checked out Groupon yet, do it! There really are some great deals out there, and if you refer people, you get FREE stuff! Can't really think of a better bargain than that!

2. Nations Photo Lab I recently had Allie's pics taken, but instead of ordering prints, I bought several of the images to be able to print myself, and BOY am I glad I did! My sister told me about how cheap this place was, but little did she know that for me, it would be REALLY cheap. I wanted to order a few 5X7's ($.60 each), 8X10's ($1.60 each), and a large one. I ended up choosing a 12X16, since I have a nice, matted frame sitting around that I wasn't using anymore. I forget the exact price on that one, but it was less that $7. Then, the charge $7 to ship your entire order. Well, I was gathering my mom's, mother-in-law's, and several other people's orders, and by this time, I had been registered with the site for a week or two but hadn't placed an order yet. They sent me an email basically saying thanks for the business, but what's taking so long to order?! Here's a free $25 code to help you out! Now, my code has already expired, but I'd be willing to bet that you could go to the site, create an account and wait a few weeks, and see if they don't send you that same code! Basically, I got 4 or 5 5X7's, 3 8X10's, the large one, and shipping FOR FREE!!! If you're in need of some enlargements, try it!

If bargains are great, then FREE is AMAZING! So, good luck, and I hope you can, too, say you've benefited from some of these freebies soon!


  1. I do Groupon now and LOVE it! Looking forward to trying that second bargain out as well.
    I am confused: how do you get credit from it?

  2. Go to nationsphotolab.com and create an account/download their ROES photo ordering system. That's all I had done, and they emailed me the code 1-2 weeks later. Hope it works!

  3. I should have been more specific: I meant~how do you benefit and get credit from Groupon? Sorry I'm terribly slow at getting some things.