Birthdays on the Brain

The Month of May is a very wonderful time of the year! Not only does pool season and Summer begin in May, but my birthday, and now, Allie's birthday is in May, too! Here is what our May weekends look like:

1st weekend - dedicated to b-day activities for me!

2nd weekend - mother's day (which will be my first REAL mother's day, since last one, I was just preg... hmm who knew this year I would be, too?) AND adrienne, my adorable niece's, bday!

3rd weekend - angie's birthday

4th weekend - allie's 1st birthday

5th weekend - heading to the beach!

Wow, I couldn't think of anything more exciting that a month full of fun activities to look forward to and plan for! I decided to get an early start on things, so I don't get bogged down, and boy have my creative juices been at work! In fact, so much so, that I'm starting to wonder if I've got too much creativeness in here, and if I should pass it around. I mean, seriously, it is a 1st birthday, which is a big deal, but Allie won't remember any of it, so I'm trying to be very frugal, and if I want cuteness to just do it myself.

So, what have I been cooking up you might ask? Well, today naptime was consumed with making handmade birthday invites (not a necessity, I realize, but since I only spent like $3 on scrapbook paper, I feel like it's not too over the top.) I also started on a birthday banner which I'm hoping turns out something like this:

My wonderful paper cutting machine that Grammy gave me for Christmas is assisting me with the banner and invites.

And, with the addition of my new embroidery machine, how could I not make a birthday outfit and matching hat for her?!

I know I need to reign myself in a bit, but I'm hoping the finished product turns out cute!

Any ideas or suggestions?


  1. That looks like the exact same etsy site I got Ryder's birthday banner from!!! They are super cute!!

  2. Love the bday banner & I enjoy reading your "Mystery Monday" posts. I have the "Sunshine Award" for you over at my blog. :) mckaysmusings.blogspot.com

  3. oh, Jennie, I'm sorry I haven't been super faithful on the mystery mondays these past few weeks! between a sick momma, and a sick baby, we've had a lot going on! I promise to do much better. thanks for the award!