MPM: It's trivial


It's time to test your knowledge with some random trivia. To stick with the recent theme of the blog, I decided to do trivia - pregnancy style.

1. On average, how many diapers will a child go through from birth to being potty trained?

a. 20,000
b. 7,000-9,000
c. 12,000 - 15,000

2. During pregnancy, how much larger does a woman's uterus stretch?

a. 500 times normal size
b. 200 times normal size
c. 40 times normal size
d. 100 times normal size

3. A baby recognizes its mother's voice at birth. How long does it take to recognize its father's?
a. 30 min
b. 7 days
c. 24 hours
d. 14 days
e. 1 month

4. What can a baby do up until 7 months that an adult cannot?
a. cross its eyes while sticking out its tongue
b. breathe and swallow at the same time
c. curl up in a ball and suck its thumb

How much of a baby expert are you? Can you get them all right??


  1. i'll go with... b,a,c,b
    those are interesting! and i have absolutely no idea what the correct answers are!