Five things Friday

1. I'm trying to decide if I should buy an Easter dress or not. Most of my dresses are just not very Eastery. Even if they have springish colors, they also have quite a bit of black mixed in. My next dilemma is, if I do buy a dress, should I buy maternity or normal? It'd be nice to add another maternity dress to my summer collection, but so far, I haven't really seen cute ones in the stores. What a dilemma! Perhaps I'll just wear black. We'll see...

Also, should I give Allie a mani/pedi to go with her cute Easter attire? Maybe if I could find some INSTANT dry polish? Again, we'll see...

2. Speaking of Easter, I made some delicious and adorable easter egg cake pops for Eric's family's early easter dinner last week...

I was so proud of myself... remembering to take these step by step shots, to show them off to you. The downside, I failed to take the "after" picture. They were cute, trust me. There was even an easter basket and some hot pink grass and polka dots involved. Good news, though. I'm also making these for my family's easter gathering, so I will REALLY try to remember to get that AFTER picture for you. Stayed tuned.

3. I DID have an excuse for forgetting the shot. I've been sick now for nearly two weeks. The day I made those was especially bad. Let's just say congestion/sinus headaches do not go so well with nausea. THAT day I was just lucky that my car stayed clear of any vomit. That surely gives me a good enough excuse for why getting the AFTER pic was not a top priority.

4. Tuesday was Hubby's birthday. I always love getting him surprise gifts when I can, but many times I fail at this. He acts happy, but doesn't end up using them.... because, well, I've tried so hard to find a gift he wouldn't be expecting, that it is just weird. This birthday was different. I got him a much needed pair of bball shoes, a new pair of jeans (yes, he was happy about those), and a Wii game that he had been eyeing. It's great to give surprises that are appreciated! =)

Allie had fun helping open the gifts.

5. I am LOVING this weather. I mean, with outfits like this to choose from each morning, wouldn't you?! Hmm.. I wonder what cute outfit we'll pull out today!

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