Dream On

For those of you who have been pregnant before.... did you have INSANELY real dreams the whole time? I remember this from last time, but seriously, it's getting ridiculous!

For those who haven't been pregnant (and plan to one day), here's what you have to look forward to:

Waking your husband up SCREAMING, because there are LITERALLY spiders crawling on you. Then, when he tries to tell you that you're dreaming, you get totally frustrated and want him to go turn the light on, because you know that can't be the case; they really are there. (this dream has actually happened on two occasions this time around - I think hubby thinks I'm losing my mind)

Reliving terrible tragedies that have happened in your life, and going through the emotions of it all over again, and upon waking up, it takes a while to figure out it was just a dream.

Then, of course, there's just dreaming totally crazy things. These usually aren't as annoying as the ones that seem SO real.

Then, there are the ones that just disappoint you when you realize the dream is over. Last night's was particularly disappointing... I dreamed that we moved like 10 minutes away from Disney World! Now, don't get me wrong, I'd never want to move away from our families, but the dream may have almost convinced me that it'd be worth it! haha! j/k

Last pregnancy, the only recurring dream that I can remember now is that I would constantly dream that the ultrasound was wrong, and we really were having a boy. Having a closet full of pink, and a room, lovingly, polka dotted in pink and green, this truly was a nightmare!

As Dr. Oz would say, is this normal or not normal? What do you think? For those who have gone through the insanely body altering enigma that is called pregnancy, would you say I'm normal or not?? Keep in mind that other than when I'm pregnant, I never have any recollection whatsoever of my dreams.


  1. not normal =). I don't remember anything unusual in the dream department.

  2. surprise, surprise, since it was basically like you were never even pregnant anyways! it doesn't count if you don't ever feel a day different when you're preg and when you're not! =)

  3. i say normal! mine were not to the extreme of yours, but i had some seriously outrageous dreams every pregnancy. some were scary, some were super sad, some were just plain odd, and some were just normal but i can still remember them they were so vivid!

  4. I have crazy dreams anyway, but pregger dreams, oh my! with my 1st- I dreamt she came out with a pig snout and pointy ears- needless to say, I was much relieved to have a completely human looking baby girl =)