Why is it that...

I am sometimes so bad at taking pictures and video?! I think it's an all or nothing thing for me. From May-January, Allie has TONS of pictures, and, while not tons, I did force myself to be sure to get out the video from time to time. Yesterday I realized I have not taken one video of her since January! Of course, I then went on to realize that this was in direct correlation with finding out I was preg and being sick all the time and taking afternoon naps when Allie did....

Maybe that explains it?! But, I'm convinced the real problem is that I am completely an ALL or NOTHING person. And, I mean ALLLL or NOTHHHING. When I'm in the "all" mode, I sure can get some great things accomplished, but unfortunately, I must admit to times where I'm in the Nothing mode, too.... It's frustrating. At any rate, several months ago, I finished this beautiful scrapbook from 0-5 months , and was planning to keep right on with it, but so far haven't even bought the supplies for the next one! Poor Allie! Poor new baby! Hopefully this doesn't reflect how I'll be with videos and pictures from here on out!

My news goals:

  • To finish the disc on the video camera, so I can start a new one for her birthday party. I think the current one has about 10 minutes left on it, so I better get going.
  • To do a 6-12 month scrapbook BEFORE baby #2 arrives
  • To remember to take videos and pictures of Allie's birthday and our upcoming beach trip

Now, hopefully these are goals I can accomplish!

Oh, and just so you know, our new router came, so I'm no longer needing to borrow internet from our neighbors... for those of you who were bothered by that!

Also, Monday is the big day, so instead of a MPM, be on the lookout for an "It's a....." post. =)


  1. You should get people to vote on what they think "it" is. :)

  2. alright, girls, vote away!