What's in a Name?

We've always had zero trouble coming up with girl names we liked, but when it comes to boy names, it's been a different story. We never really knew for sure what we'd use if we had a boy. Well, for those of you who know me, you know I don't like to wait around on things, so I naturally wanted to hurry up and get the name checked off! I am happy to say that we are both THRILLED with the name we've come up with. So what is this wonderful name, you ask?

Pierce Kendall

This was my Papa's middle name, and although we have several adrian/adriennes in the family, we have yet to have a Pierce! I love it! We haven't decided for sure on a middle name, but are leaning towards Wesley, since that is Eric's middle name, and I thought that'd be nice, since Allie has my middle name!

So, naturally once we picked a name, I got to work! Here are a few of the cute things I've made Pierce so far. Oh yeah, we're now offering diaper bags and pacifier clips, so feel free to go take a look at those!


  1. Love the name!!

    (P.S. The diaper bag is adorable! I will have to tell all of my preggo friends to order from you.)

  2. What a great name! I'm so glad you picked it out already :)

  3. I love the name! I see you learned how to do the pacifier clips. SOOO cute. I love the "little bro"! MiMi