MPM: Modern Convenience or Necessity?

The question is: Which of ONE these could YOU live without?

1. Cell Phones (Meaning you couldn't use anyone's, anywhere, EVER)
2. The Internet (Again, you can't use it anywhere EVER)
3. No CAR (you could, however, use public transportation, where available)

These are pretty much a part of each of our every day lives, but the question is, if you HAD to live without one, which would you choose?

For me, this is a pretty tough one. I mean, my phone, I'm pretty much glued to. If I ever so much as leave the house without it, I feel totally naked, and panic, thinking, what on earth would I do if I broke down, or something! I do realize that people lived for a long time without a phone, but to me, this one is a non-negotiable.

The car is also quite a necessity. Especially with kids. I mean, no cars, ever?! I don't think I'd do very well being stuck in the house ALL the time. And, by the way, Memphis public transportation? No, that wouldn't be an option here.

I guess the one that I would panic the least about losing is the internet. I would, however, have to give up blogging, and I know each of you would be very sad about that. But, seriously, giving up the internet would be very hard. Not just for the frivolous things like blogging and keeping up with emails and facebook. I actually save quite a bit of money by researching things online. For instance, I recently bought a pair of $50 shoes (which was going to be a HUGE birthday splurge for me, since I normally don't spend much on shoes) for a mere $32 with NO TAX and NO SHIPPING on shoemall.com. The internet is also the source for information - pretty much anything you want or need to know, you can find out within a few clicks. How else would I be assured that the Gulf Shore beaches as of right now are still beautifully white and oil free?!

Yes, it would be a sacrifice, but I think out of the 3, it would MAYBE be one I could live with. Good thing I don't REALLY have to choose.

What are your thoughts on the matter?


  1. I think I could easily live without my cell phone. I don't really like talking on the phone anyway, and I'm working on making my car a "No Phone Zone."
    I could probably live without the Internet too, though I'd have to stop working.
    I would not want to do without my car. I would feel totally trapped with no car.

  2. I am going to have to go with the internet as well. In fact, I think in some ways I would waste a lot less time without it! But then again, work and so many other things would be a whole lot more complicated. One thing is for sure, I can't imagine life without a car!

  3. i am going with you about the internet. i would be absolutely lost without my cell phone! and i can not begin to imagine taking public transportation with just me, much less with 3 kids! so, as much as i would miss the internet bc i am totally addicted, i would have a lot more time on my hands!