Let's Talk About Love ~ Pt. 3

Yes, we had a great time together that night... but, more importantly, it led to a friendship that eventually turned into more. We just really enjoyed spending time together. We continued to hang out with friends and talk on the phone a lot and during that time really got to know more about the other. I wanted to observe his character and see what he was really all about, and I liked what I saw.

We dated for about two years before we got married. Some thought we were completely crazy for marrying so young. But, it's not anything I've ever regretted. I knew without a doubt that he was the one and couldn't think of a reason in the world to wait to marry him. Our families were also totally on board. Now, looking back, we were not (and still aren't, I'm sure) the epitome of maturity, but we have grown together, and in turn, grown in our love together, and grown spiritually together. I wouldn't have ever done it any other way! I love Eric with all my heart, and have so enjoyed these years together. We've had so much fun and experienced so many adventures with one another. He truly is a godly man that I look up to, and a man who never leaves me doubting that he loves me wholeheartedly.

It's hard to believe that we've been married for 4 years tomorrow. Happy anniversary, sweetheart. I know every day has not been perfect, because, well that's just not life; but I am and always have been so proud to be your wife! I love you!

The End.


  1. Sweet story! Hey, speaking of love...when is the baby due? Have I missed that?

  2. I think I posted about that a while back, but the due date is Sept. 26

  3. Happy Anniversary Rache. We are so thrilled for you an Eric an Allie and the new baby. We are so glad that God brought Eric into your life and ours. Please tell him that he is a true blessing to me and that I am so grateful for him and his love for you and Allie. Love, Min