Let's Talk About Love ~ Part 2

If you haven't read part 1 yet, please start here.

From the moment we asked, Eric set out to make it a "romantic" experience. I, however, kept assurring everyone involved that it was totally platonic, and really more of a group thing. He insisted on paying for the dance, as well as dinner, with the instructions, "Ya'll choose wherever you want; price is no object!" Boy, did that get my attention! It is a rare find that a high school boy will be so kind (or maybe so stupid) to say that. Steph and I set out to find the fanciest restaurant we could thing of. Poor boys... We asked around, and Joey Roland informed us that Texas de Brazil was for sure the most expensive restaurant in town. That decided it for us!

I can't lie; it did get my attention that he was willing to pay big bucks, when I barely even knew him, and we were going as friends. He tried his very best to make it a great night. Some things were corny, but they were also sweet. One thing was obvious... he was excited about going with me.

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  1. Loved your story! I always wondered how that happened. You two seemed so... random to me! Random is most often the best, though! :)