A VERY long day!

Well, the sewing machine arrived two days ago, and today was the first day I had a chance to head over to mom's to get started. I woke up bright and early with an eager and excited spirit! 9 hours later, however, my spirit may have been a little more subdued, but all in all, the day was a success!!

We had a few rough patches... such as me being an idiot and threading the machine incorrectly, which resulted in 3 shattered needles! After a friend graciously stopped by to get us on track, though, things started going much more smoothly!

These are in progression from 1st to last. Hopefully you will see a noticeable improvement in the succession!

While this one is my favorite design and adorable... it definitely has some flaws. The letters are a little messy, and the stitching isn't perfect. Still very cute and useable, just not up to professional par yet!

This one is a gift for Eric's cousin, and I thought it turned out perfect! Simple, yet fun! I was very pleased with it!

This one is Allie's easter egg bib! I lOVE how easy applique is!

And, this one made the day all worth it! Definitely up to professional grade if I say so myself! I am IN LOVE with this design!

What do you think? Keep in my I've never touched a sewing machine in my life, so with that in mind, I'm pretty pleased with myself!


  1. super cute!!!! when you are ready i have a couple shirts i would like done:)

  2. Good job! Give me the details on your machine. The brand, etc. Por favor. I have one that looks a ton bigger than yours and can't do all those things....

  3. Oh, Laurin, this one is super small... but looks like it really can do a lot! It's a brother sewing and embroidery machine that we bought off of hsn.com for %499, b/c someone I know has it and really likes it. It has a usb port, so I just plug it in directly to my computer and am good to go. That part is really the only main difference between this one and some other embroidery/sewing machines. It also has a touch screen panel, where you can adjust/move/resize, etc. whatever designs you've done on your computer...

    I just tried to find the link for mine, but it looks like it's sold out right now.

  4. and, julie.... I'd feel comfortable taking orders for burps/bibs/etc., since if I messed it up, I could just start over... but I want to practice a bit more before doing something on your clothes.

  5. k, just let me know. i have some white shirts for my kids that i just want their names put on them in light pink. nothing fancy just target shirts. i was going to have mrs luce do them, but if you can that would be easier!

  6. Rachel, I think I need to sell mine and get one like yours! Mine is an older model and doesn't have the usb port, meaning that I have to spend a ton more money if I want to get more fonts and do more appliquéing. Thanks for the info!

  7. I bet you'd be able to sell it on craigslist or ebay, easily! The only limitation with this one, is the largest area it can applique/embroider is 4X4, but the machines that do 5X7 are significantly more expensive.