You know you're pregnant AGAIN when:

10. You find yourself dying to go to sleep when your baby does (at 8), and if you aren’t actually in bed by 9:30, you feel like you really may just die.

9. When someone asks you if Dear John was sad, you really can’t tell them an accurate answer, because, although you did cry through a large part of it, you can’t decide if the tears were actually merited or not.

8. You think of things like, “It’s really gonna be embarrassing to go in public with Allie when I start showing, because people are seriously going to think I’m insane!”

7. Instead of counting down weeks and days... you find it much easier just to round to the nearest month when someone asks you how far along you are.

6. The only kind of food that ever really sounds good is Mexican (unfortunately, no one else wants to eat Mexican for EVERY meal…)

5. Elastic waist pants are starting to sound more and more appealing each day (although, you have not broken down and gotten out the maternity clothes yet, because you’re determined to wait as long as possible to go down THAT road again) After all, it just doesn’t seem like that long ago that you joyfully got to put them in storage!

4. Instead of hoping and wishing the due date would hurry up and get here, you think that 9 months all of the sudden seems REALLY short! Of course, in the summer heat of August, I may be feeling differently! =)

3. You count down until nap time each day, not for the reasons you did before, (so you could actually get productive things done around the house) but because you’re not sure who’s in more need of a 3 hour nap: you or your 9 month old.

2. You have caught yourself almost buying newborn (GIRL) clothes in a store, before you realize that it’s not guaranteed that you’re going to have a girl this time around.

1. Instead of reading up on things like how my baby is developing week by week, you spend most of your time worrying about things like, "I won't even be able to get Allie in and out of her crib for the first two weeks (b/c of a c-sec) ... what am I gonna do!? And many other related worries....


  1. Rachel,
    I don't know you personally but it seems we have some mutual friends (and my husband graduated from ECS in '03). I had thought about commenting when I saw you were pregnant again, but didn't and now here I am again feeling compelled to leave you a little note.

    I can SO TOTALLY relate to everything you said here, more than you know!!! My first two (now I have a third in the mix, so I really am crazy) are thirteen months apart. I cried so much when I found out I was pregnant when I had a four month old. I had so many of the thoughts and concerns you have, and I still can relate to wondering what people think of me when me and my preschool bandwagon go places.
    Now Hannah Grace is 3 1/2 and my Bennett is 2 1/2. We get asked all.the.time. if they are twins. And let me just tell you, you are in for SUCH A TREAT. It is hard sometimes but please, please- Be Excited.
    My two are just so close and love each other so much- they do everything- i mean EVERYTHING together and while sometimes they make each other and therefore me, crazy, they entertain each other and always have a playmate- making it so much easier on me! We never would have planned to have kids the way we did- young, newly married, and super close together- but God's plan was so much better than ours. I can honestly say there isn't a day that goes by that I don't say "I wouldn't have it any other way" If I could go back and do it again- I wouldn't change a thing.
    When I was pregnant with Bennett, I was totally like you are. I would forget I was pregnant- I was already busy with a baby. Dreaded showing and wearing my maternity clothes, and never really thought about the developmental things like I did with my 1st. I think that is pretty natural with back to back pregnancies- but now looking back, I regret that. My 2nd is just as much a joy in my life as is my 1st. Don't let all the technicalities get in the way of looking forward to loving and knowing that sweet new child that will be here before you know it.

    I'm not saying at all that you aren't looking forward to the new one or won't love them as much- just wanted to give you a little encouragement having been in your shoes.
    You are going to love it and it can be hard at times, but really I don't think it's too bad =)

    I am super excited for you all!!
    Stephanie Braithwait

  2. PS- I think your daughter is simply adorable.

  3. Ha! Thanks Stephanie! I am definitely looking forward to the craziness that lies ahead!

    I enjoy reading all about your sweet kiddos also! Funny how blogging makes us feel like we know people, even when we've never met them! =)