You know your Christmas schedule is a little too hectic when...

You realize that you failed to take a single picture of your baby's first Christmas ALL DAY LONG!

This realization hit me this morning, and I thought: Wow! That is just ridiculous! Before you judge and dub me a terrible mother, let me just walk you through our schedule for the day, and then you'll probably understand.

Christmas morning 7:00 am wake up, get ready as fast as we possibly can, making sure to get enough formula, diapers, wipes, etc. to last the whole day, because we won't be back home until 9:00 pm.

8:00 leave to have Christmas with the Kendalls.

10:15 leave there to have Christmas with my fam.

1:00 leave to have lunch and gifts at Grammy's.

Allie went down for a much needed nap, so we decided to hang out at Grammy's and watch a movie until she decided to wake up.

5:15 Allie wakes up, so we head to Gran's (E's grandma) for dinner, gifts, & dirty santa.

8:45 head home - at this point doing our best to keep our eyes open!

Yes, there were lots of gifts, lots of fun family time, lots of food, and lots of Christmas memories, but sadly, nowhere in the craziness of the day was there a single picture of allie! This is probably an indicator that our schedule had a little too much going on...

I'm hoping that Ang came through and snapped a few with her nice, new camera that was basically connected to her all day! If so, send 'em my way, sis!

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