Need a Good Christmas Idea?

I bet I can help you out! It just so happens that my big sis, Angie, has written the most beautiful book about her sweet baby girl, Poppy Joy. Poppy was born two years ago this month, and although she only lived on this earth for 3 short hours, God has used her sweet life to touch the lives of countless people.

Angie is a writer by nature, and if you've read her blog at all, you know that she has an incredible gift to pull deep spiritual truths from some of the most mundane things of life, in a witty and riveting way. God used her gift of writing, to capture Poppy's story in an incredible way. The book includes excerpts of her blog, which she started to document her journey, and ultimately ended up touching the lives of people who were hurting all over the world. The book will not just be meaningful for someone who has lost a child, although, I know it would be especially moving to those. It is a story that tells of God's faithfulness. No matter what dark days you have gone through, you are currently traveling, or you have yet to know, it so beautifully shows that our God is a God who is able to carry you through any storm.

I know I may be just a little biased... but I feel I can say confidently that anyone you buy this for will be tremendously blessed. I can't think of a better gift idea!

You can go here to purchase a copy, if you're interested!

If you live in town, and want Ang to sign it, leave a comment, and we'll be in touch!

Already have the book? Feel free to leave a review here!


  1. Though Angie has no idea who I am, I bought her book and read it, and was really touched by it. It really puts your faith and actions in check. I often asked myself as I read through different situations in the book, "How would I have responded? Or felt? Or acted?" She is a wonderful example for others to follow and you can tell God is using her and this story as an instrument to bring Him glory. In case you can't tell, I give it 5 starts!