Superman Met His Match

For four years now, we've stood in awe;
It's true, your plays were rarely flawed.
It's 4th and 1? Some teams may fret.
But with Tim to run it, we never broke a sweat!

"Can you stop him?", some have asked.
It's been a strong, No... in the past.
Tonight, was different in some ways.
It was just not one of our greatest days.

We lost it all and lost it bad.
We left hurt, disappointed, and sad.
We lost the title, the season, and all.
We lost so bad, some even bawled.

But let us not forget the rest.
Afterall, Tebow will always be the very best.
He played with heart, and faith, and spirit.
So, those who criticize; I just don't want to hear it!

He ran and passed and scored some more.
Watching him, was never a bore.
The media and fans were all in a craze;
I've even heard Superman, himself, wears Tim Tebow pj's.

Who else was so fun to watch game after game?
I'd challenge you to come up with a name.
Who else could be so hard to hate?
Even for those of you who are and always will be Gator Bait.

So, don't lose heart, dear Timmy T.
For dear to us, you'll always be.
Things won't be the same when you are gone.
But somehow, someway, we will go on.

Tonight we lost; this is a fact.
And I am sad; I won't put on an act.
But, still I'd like to say, dear Tebow,
That you'll always be my football hero!


  1. Okay. So I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of Florida but I love your poem and even like Timmy! = )

  2. very nice! an appropriate ode to an amazing player.

  3. Daniel has even admitted he has a man crush on little Timmy. He started to take it back once he saw him bawling after the game... I thought it was sweet and almost cried myself. You'll be happy to know that the Jerkins were Florida fans Saturday night.

    Also...I heard that the verses that Tebow wears on his face each game is the most googled thing on game day. Pretty cool.