Our God is a God who is FAITHFUL. In so many ways! The same God who is able to do miracles yesterday is able to do miracles today. The same God who was faithful in years past will be faithful for years to come. He is a God who is UNCHANGING! Praise God that when people falter and fail us, our God will never leave or forsake us!

Today, I am thankful, because our God is a God who faithfully answers our prayers and changes lives! It is an amazing thing to intercede on someone's behalf for years, and then for Him to allow you to witness the miracle of your prayers being answered! Yes, our God is a God who is able. He is able to "do exceedingly and abundantly above what we could imagine!" He is a God who was able to rescue me "from the pit" years ago, and is still rescuing people today.

Let me encourage you to remember that, although a situation may seem hopeless, our God is Able. Period. Present your requests to Him and don't lose heart.


  1. Rachel. Wonderfully timely post for me to read this day as Aaron and I are beseeching God for a miracle for some dear friends of ours.
    And, how I feel like He needs to get me out of pits daily! He is faithful!

  2. Rachel,

    I try to read your blog frequently and am so thankful for this post. I'm in the midst of desperately praying for some family members for their lives to be radically changed by Christ. Knowing in my heart, that I have absolutely no power in myself to make this happen, I remind myself everyday that the Lord Almighty is ever so faithful. Thank you for being a light to this world through your blog... you never know who will stumble across it. This is a great reminder for everyone out there.

    P.S. Allie is just gorgeous. Congrats on being a mommy.