It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas...

The tree is decorated...

The stockings are hung...

The garland is up..

and last, but not least, the mistletoad is in place!

Phew! I'm so glad that it finally feels like Christmas around here! I usually am putting everything up on Thanksgiving, if not before, so I was a bit down yesterday when I realized I was behind, and we did not have ONE Christmas thing out in our house! Yesterday, my goal was to remedy this problem, and I'm so glad I did!

This year was the first time I've done lit garland on the mantle and in the kitchen, and OH, does it add a lot! After I finished those (and probably put a few too many holes in the wall while doing so...), I decided, why wait for Eric? I can tackle this tree! Now, let me say that I love my tree - all 60+ individual branches of it! =) Did I ever tell you that I bought my tree, all the lights, the stand, and the rubbermaid tub it goes in for $8? Any time I start to think that a pre-lit, 3 piece tree would be convenient to have, I remind myself of this unheard-of-bargain, and I happily go back to looking for the correct color-coated branch! In fact, it always feel like a great accomplishment when the last branch is put in place. I doubt any of you pre-lit 3 piecers feel this satisfaction, like I do!

My favorite part of the decorating process is putting on the ornaments. They are so full of memories. My grandmother always collects lamb ornaments for me from all over the world, since my name means little lamb. My mom usually always buys me a fun, whimsical ornaments each year, and these have turned out to be some of my VERY favorites! Eric and I have cute ornaments marking different times in our lives (our first Christmas when we were dating, married, vacations, honeymoon, etc.) I have included a few of my favorites for you:

Our newest addition that I won off of an AWESOME blog giveaway!

Two that we picked up on vacation. The snowman is from Eureka Springs, where we went for our 2nd anniversary, and the other is a handpainted ornament from Grand Cayman, where we swam with the stingrays!

This guy, I think, may be my very favorite. He always makes me laugh. You may not be able to tell, but he is about 1 1/2 feet long! This is one of those adorable ones from mom! Thanks!

This one was the year that Eric and I were engaged! I love the frogs!
Even though I didn't include them up close, I do have pretty and fancy ones, but my favs are always the ones with memories behind them! What are your favorite ornaments on your tree?
Oh, and thanks to Julie for buying my old camera, so I could keep the one I bought on Black Friday!! I have been playing with it on these shots and am just LOVING it!


  1. so cute! I especially love that big long snowman ornament. We just started our special ornament collection last christmas since it was our first christmas being married.We got an ornament from just about everyone. Melissa gave me an adorable woodsy owl that I saw at pottery barn and fell in love with. I didn't even tell her I liked it she is just really good and getting gifts for people!
    Sean's Grandmother gave me three silver reindeer that I love. My best friend got us a minnie and mickey first christmas ornament when she went to disney and put one of our wedding pictures in it and I love that one too!
    I really like your lighted garland. where did you find that? I want some for my stairs.

  2. that's so fun that everyone gave you ornaments!! maybe they'll keep up that tradition every year =)

    I'm SO glad you like the garland! it was my first time to do it like that! It is just the plain cheap garland.. I think I bought it from walmart several years ago for real cheap (under $10 for sure). The one over the mantle, I just strung with lights and attached some fun ornaments from walmart. The one in the kitchen, I strung with lights and sort of "wove" sparkly ribbon from hobby lobby throughout. I took it and puffed it, then looped a garland branch tightly over it every 3 inches or so, if that makes sense. The ribbon is really pretty red polka dot, and I think was only like $5 on their half price sale.

  3. Rache, I love your house. You are so talented. I enjoyed seeing precious Allie today. She is the best baby! She has the most awesome disposition and the most beautiful smile! Love, Mom

  4. Aw, thanks, mom! But, nobody can compare to yours!! You walk in your house and just feel so happy and christmasy!

  5. ok I have a ridiculous question, but it must be asked. How do you hang your garland?? I have garland. I have the perfect place to hang the garland. But...the command strip hooks I'm using refuse to stick to my walls once the garland is hung (stupid stucco texture I'm sure).

  6. haha... I hope eric does not read this response... =)

    The mantle garland, I hung with command hooks that I found in my drawer, and it worked perfectly! However, I only found 3, and as it turned out, I needed all 3 for the mantle. Well, Allie was napping, and I really wanted to get everything up, without having to go to the store for more hooks, so I resorted to tacks. Yes, I realize that my rationale that tacks would only create tiny holes, that hopefully won't be too noticeable may be flawed. I simply wrapped 1 garland branch around and around the tack (i think i used 4 total for the kitchen garland), and it worked like a charm! If you're putting it up over a doorway with molding, tacks are actually a great idea, b/c you can just push the tack into the top of the molding, and you'd never see it. Prob not the BEST idea to just hammer them into a flat wall, but oh well! I hope this helps, but I understand if it doesn't...

  7. ok. I'll try the tacks idea. We live in an apartment and they don't require you to patch any holes unless they're big, so that wouldn't be a big deal. thanks!