Do It Yourself

There is something thrilling to me about putting things together by myself. I think that I got my love for this from my parents. Not in the traditional way that traits are passed down, but in a reverse sort of way. Growing up, my mom and dad would just about rather do anything than put things together. So, I guess I figured if I didn't do it, it may never get done! I used to wait until everyone was out of the house and tackle whatever project was on hand. Whether it was pulling the Christmas tree out of storage, rearranging all the living room furniture, and putting the tree up; assembling the entire Bowflex; putting together furniture, etc., I just loved the satisfaction of knowing that I had single-handedly accomplished it. I guess I love a good challenge every now and then.

My wonderful hubby bought me an outdoor swing this weekend. We've been looking for one for a while, because I LOVE swings, and it just so happens that Allie does as well. Eric was planning to ask a friend to help him assemble this sometime, as it came in 30+ pieces and looked pretty involved to put together. Now, I might add that Eric loves to put things together just about as much as my dad does. Today, I've been stranded at home since I accidentally left my car keys in Eric's car, so I thought, hey, I'll surprise hubby and put the entire thing together myself. I honestly didn't know if this one was too much for me to handle, but I was determined to try.

So, I began by dragging the 6 foot tall box in the house and out to the back deck. I laid it all out, and between balancing parts of the swing against the house (since this was really a 2 person job) and sweating more than I ever have in my entire life (literally!), I finished!

I am not ashamed to say that I'm quite proud of myself, and I can't wait to surprise Eric with it tonight! I can't wait to spend many evenings with hubby and Allie on our new swing!

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