My Favs

These are a few of my current favorite things.

1. Swimming is my summertime favorite thing to do. This summer we have definitely gotten our fill of summertime swimming. If only I had this in my backyard... I probably would never do anything else but swim all day, every day.... Now, that, would be the life!

2. Another summertime favorite is pedicures. Somehow, my toenails never look good if I paint them myself. Every once in a while, I'll treat myself to a pedicure... and it is always worth it. They are truly wonderful!

3. Now that summer is coming to a close, and fall is quickly approaching, College Football is almost here. Football season is most definitely one of my favorite things. Hubby and I thoroughly enjoy spending our Saturdays watching the games. Hubby probably feels this way about any sport, but since college football is the only one that I am passionate about, it's nice to have one that we can enjoy together. This is Timmy T's last year as a Gator, and he will be greatly missed. I'm hoping for nothing less than an undefeated season (something the Gators have not yet accomplished), a 4th National Championship, and a 2nd Heisman for Tim.

4. Don't worry... I do not own this onesie, nor do I plan on buying it for Allie (although.... I can't deny that if it were given to me... I probably would not just let it go to waste!) =) I don't think I've ever written about Twilight on here, but I'm sure that most of you already know of my love for it. I was first introduced to the Twilight story last December, when we went to see the movie with some friends. Since then, I've read all of the books (including the unpublished Midnight Sun) .... TWICE. Pathetic, yes, but for those of you who have yet to enter the Twilight world, don't judge. I am counting down the days until the midnight showing of New Moon! That's right, Steph and I (and anyone else who wants to join us!) will be right there with all the teenie boppers, and loving it just as much (although, I can assure you, we won't be screaming about being in love with the actors like I'm sure many of them will be...)

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