Finally, I'm updating my blog. But more importantly, FINALLY, I'm going to take Allie to get her pictures taken today!! I have a very strange mix of procrastination and "not stopping until I get every last detail done" in me. Perhaps I have a dual personality, because these are from the opposite ends of the spectrum, I know. Sometimes I think I procrastinate with things I don't really care about... not so fun school projects, laundry, etc. However, I've come to realize I procrastinate sometimes just as much with things that are very important to me. For instance, before Allie was born, I searched for hours to find the Perfect birth announcement. I was so excited about ordering these and sending them to everyone. I had planned it all out. I'd send them to friends, family, and I'd even send one to each bank branch so they'd get a little peak at Allie. Well, 3 months is here, and at this point, it'd be just plain embarrassing to send out birth announcements. How did I let that happen? I'm a procrastinator.

Another example on the total opposite end: When we moved in our house on a Friday afternoon, my goal was to get EVERYTHING done (not just boxes unpacked... I'm talking pictures hung, everything in its place, etc.) by Sunday before I had to go back to work. My goal was accomplished. Why? Because sometimes I have something on my mind, and I can't think of anything else until I get it done!

Right now it's been my a craft fair that we're having at my mom's house in October that has been all-consuming. I've been plotting, planning, and crafting. This has left little time for blogging this past week, because, honestly, I haven't been inspired to blog about anything other than the craft fair. It is too early for that, but, trust me, more information will be coming soon. So, be excited!

Now, I realize this post has been all over the place, but the point of it is to say I still have not gotten Allie's pictures taken, and she is 3 months old! Again, it's not that this isn't important to me, but somehow, I keep putting it off. I decided I'd go ahead and do it. I'm a little nervous to see how they'll turn out, because, afterall, you can't exactly predict how a 3 month old will act at any given time. We'll see... but in the meantime, I think I'll keep my expectations low, just in case!

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