Allie was dedicated this past Sunday at our church. Apart from the stressful morning of getting her all dressed up, forgetting the both the camera and video camera, and trying (without luck) to get to church early, it was a very special time.

We love our dear pastor, Danny Sinquefield, and he did such a great job leading the families in commiting to raising our children in godly homes and praying for our precious babies. As much as I love Bro. Danny, I couldn't help but tear up as I looked at him, wishing that my dear Papa was here to lead her dedication, and even more than that, wishing that he was here to know her, play with her, and love on her like he did with all of us! Oh how I miss him! Things without him just aren't the same, but I am constantly reminded of how blessed I was to have such an incredible man as my grandfather! He was truly one of a kind. I will always cherish the memories I had with him.

Allie's dedication was very special, and although we didn't get it on video, we were able to get some good pictures (thanks, Steph, for letting me borrow your camera!)


  1. She's so precious! And, I know precious in the sight of our Lord and your Papa too.

  2. Wow! These are really great pics! If you end up doing a birth announcement, I would for sure use these!!!

  3. i love the last two pictures! so cute!

  4. So sweet! Such a beautiful family! Wish we could have been there to witness! Miss you guys!