You Know You're Adjusting Well When:

You find yourself walking into Target, both kids in hand (yes, that's right... Allie in one arm, Pierce in his carseat, in the other), diaper bag on one shoulder (overflowing with an extra outfit for each kid, diapers in both of their sizes, wipes enough for both, a bottle and sippy cup, oh, yeah, and of course my wallet, keys, etc.) and all the while, happily carrying on a phone conversation with the phone perfectly wedged between your ear and shoulder, so it doesn't drop.

Yes, when you feel like this scene is normal, you have officially adjusted to life with 2. =)

(I should mention here that it wasn't until I got the kids loaded back into the car that I realized that I failed to get the diapers for P that were the whole reason behind the trip to Target in the first place)


  1. I'm very impressed! I think its amazing how we can multi-task like that. I have learned that I WILL forget something if it's not written on a list when I go in a store (even something as important as diapers) and even then it may be looked over!

  2. You go girl!! I can't tell you how many times I have gone to the store and forgotten the one thing I needed....especially at Target....so many things to get you sidetracked and then having the two kiddos...At least you are getting out! You are awesome!!