Day 1

Today I joined a gym.

Prior to a few days ago, I never really envisioned those words coming from my mouth. I mean, I like working out as much as the next stay-at-home-mom (with 2 kids under 2 and NO spare time).

I mean, it's not that I didn't feel like I NEEDED to work out. TRUST ME, when I look at this war torn body in the mirror (and by war torn, I mean a body that has basically been ripped apart piece by piece during those 18 months of being pregnant in a 2 year time period), I am ALL TOO aware that it needs some major working out. It's simply that it didn't really feel like an option. Not unless you're one of those people, who simply live for working out, and would do whatever it takes to get babysitters, pay a fortune for gym memberships, buy top-of-the-notch double running strollers, etc., etc. to do what it takes to make it happen.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm not so much one of those.

But, luckily for me, I found out about a gym this week that has come to my rescue! Central Church has an amazing gym, whose membership fee of $100 dollars/year includes FREE childcare Mon-Fri from 9:15-11:30, FREE classes (which are my very fav thing to do, working-out-wise), and awesome facilities. I mean, for $100/year, it's well worth it in child care alone! Have fussy kids? Stressed out and need a break? What better motivation to go to the gym than to be able to drop off your kids and get a break!? (Just kidding... sort of..)

At any rate, I am very excited about my new endeavor, and while I won't be so brave to list my weight so bravely and publicly, like Candace, I will say, that even though I'm basically back to my pre-Pierce-baby weight, I still have a ways to go to get back to pre-Allie-baby-weight. Between gaining an unsightly amount in that pregnancy and only having 6 months between pregnancies, I just didn't have the time to work it all off. So, here's to a successful new year as an official gym-goer. Maybe, just maybe one day this body will be back to normal! =)

Oh, yeah, and I should add that I am quite confident that I will not be able to move tomorrow!

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