Do you see that?! Forget about the steadily falling temperatures forecasted from Sunday until Friday. Today we've got a gloriously beautiful Sunny and 66 day! And, trust me, we will take full advantage of it! Off to the zoo we go!! Hurray for the winter, because makes us extremely thankful when Spring starts to peek through!


  1. I sent you a fb messgae a while ago, but you never responded. I've had your game in my car for weeks. Thank you so much for letting us borrow it. When would it be good for me to bring it by?

  2. Sorry! I meant to write you back! I obviously haven't been too worried about getting it back! =) Especially now that I have the "real deal" with Zumba and Hip Hop at the gym.. haha.

    Just bring it by whenever you're in the area and leave it on my doorstep if I'm not here. Glad ya'll enjoyed it!