A Wonderful Christmas!

Well, Christmas morning came, and although the sickness wasn't totally gone, we were feeling MUCH better, which was a HUGE blessing! We really had a wonderful Christmas in every way! We were able to spend time with family, enjoy the kids, pulled off some great gift surprises, and got so many great things ourselves! Whew, but were we worn out when it was all over!

I even remembered to take pictures this year (if you will remember, by the end of the day last year, I hadn't taken any, and was quite sad about it!)

Here is Allie opening up her first gift. She went on to carry that bag around as purse all night, and had much more fun with it than the gifts that were inside! =)

We were all occupied with our gifts, and Allie felt like she'd take advantage of the situation! She is happily entertaining herself with all of the contents of mimi's wallet!

Here she is at Jannie and Smokey's with her new rocking elephant!
And, of course we can't forget little Rudolph!

Here's the whole fam on Christmas night. If we look a little rough, please remember that we were sick, going on little sleep, and on gathering #4 for the day. I'd say we were doing pretty good, all things considered!

What a wonderfully full day! Our schedule may be a bit crazy, but we're so glad to be able to spend Christmas with both our families every year! We love them all and are so blessed! Our kids were also pretty much as perfect as they could've been! So, despite the yucky sickness, we had a wonderful and blessed Christmas! I hope you did too!

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