My Little Allie-Gator

Well, most people that know me know that I am an avid Florida Gators fan! College football season is just about my favorite time of the year. There's just nothing like it! College football is my favorite sport to watch, because it is the only sport where, literally, every game matters. There is just something so exciting about it!

The first item of clothing bought for little Allie was a Florida Gators onesie (which my mother-in-law bought). At that time, we didn't know whether she would be a girl or a boy, but I knew that either way, they'd grow to be a Gator fan! I am afraid that the onesie by itself does look a bit manly. Once we found out that Allie was a girl, I began a search for a blue or orange skirt. Well, let me tell you that this is harder to come across than one would think! Really they only sell white, pink, and green!

Last weekend at Arlington in April, I came across the most amazing find! A woman had a booth set up selling tutu's. I went to look and hanging there, just for me, was a beautiful Gator orange and blue tutu! What are the odds?! I couldn't imagine that anyone else in the state of TN would love such a things as I would, so I knew I had to buy it (for a mere $10, I might add!) The woman herself was a Vols fan, but decided to make this tutu just in case an avid Gator fan, like myself came along. This made my day! Here is Allie's game day gear. Oh, I can't even wait!

My sister gave me this adorable outfit. Allie will get to wear this all summer in anticipation of football season!

I should probably mention that my poor husband is a Vols fan (during football season)... I let him know that while I simply couldn't bear to see her dressed in those colors, that I would be sure to let her wear some Memphis attire during basketball (where his loyalty lies the other half of the year). I think he was okay with this.


  1. Hey Rachel, this is Kim Shaeffer. I haven't talked to you in forever (probably since our Styling Castle days). Anyway, I found your blog today and saw that you are expecting. I just wanted to tell you CONGRATS!!!! Hope everything is great!

  2. I LOVE the tutu!!!

  3. LOVE LOVE the outfit!~ Just found your blog today. Livona